Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Big Boob....

fascination. Can anyone explain to me why we as a society are so fascinated with big T-I-T-S? They are everywhere to the left of me and to the right of me.  I can't get away from them.  I see them walking down the street and they are all over the TV and magazines...Not in high fashion magazines because high fashion and boobs do not go hand in hand.  They just sit there and dare you to stare. Look at me, look at me look how big and plump I am na na na na naaaa na!   I do not appreciate  the women who say they have not had "them" done but you can tell from a mile away that those things that do not jiggle and are always at attention were not a gift from above. If you are going to have surgery own it like our dear Joan Rivers.Now I am not faulting people who do the plastic surgery thing hey that is your option as a human being on this earth....however and their is always a but do not bitch when folks stare at your boobs especially when you decide that instead of a tasteful b or c cup you opt to test the law of gravity and get a size quadruple E and decide to show them off in a low cut top.  When you get tits that big you are looking for some attention so get off your stool and accept that this is the route you has a woman decided to take and that the attention is going to follow. To me that type of complaining is the same kind of bitching that I hate to hear when movie stars say " I did not ask for all this attention balh blah blah and paparazzi following me my life is awful."  Dude you have lunch at places like the Ivy and shop Melrose your ass is looking for attention so just stop it.

A few years ago before GG I was contimplating getting myslef a pair. I had always been small up front a nice perky B small enough to get away with not wearing a bra{becasue let's face it girls bras just suck}.  I could wear a "wife beater" *please no freak outs this is a term here in Cali for white tank top it has not other meaning OK?* without it looking tacky. I also had boob envy. How could I not when my mother was obviousely so well endowed and I was not. When my ex husband knew about my insecurites while we were married and when we were going through our divorce made sure he let everyone know that he was finally dating a woman with tits. Whatever....that was just one of the reasons why I left the marrriage. So......yeah I was a bit insecure.

I believe I got over my tity obsession after I had GG and my chest area swelled up like a friggin Macy's Thankgiving parade balloon.  They looked awful and they hurt. My back ached and I could not find anything cute to wear in the chest area. It sucked for 12 months I had to stare at the freaks of nature. They are just now finally back to normal but still way bigger then what they  used to be and I believe that is never going to change. I don't wear overly tight t's becasue all I see is boobies and trying to find a blouse that fits accross the chest is almost impossible I now have to go up a size and get the item tailored. I just finally got back the girls back into a bad ass leather jacket I had in my closet - it took 2 friggin years MAN....WTF!

Ahhhhh the fun things we women get to obsess about......Can I just be a dude for a day? Lol

BTW my laptop is actring very very weird so I will be bringing it in to get checked today. I am currently on my husbands and it is not set up like mine so some things are working and some are not. So if their are some mispelled words take pity on me.....Peace


Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

My nursing boobs never went away. I miss my size As.

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Before I had kids I was an A cup. After I had kids I am a -A cup. Boobs are like aliens to me.

KERRY said...

You are so funny!! Love it ;)
YES bras SUCK big time!!! First thing I do in the evening is take it off :)
I couldn't of said it better myself, SOME people use it to their advantage, don't draw attention to yourself if you don't really want it. Or own it if you do :)
lol at your balloon comment!!!!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

I totally get what your saying but after baby number 3 I am getting a new pair:)) Mine get smaller after each baby, so i can only imagine what they will look like after this one. So hard to find bras that fit good and most cute shirts I find look so stupid with my littles. Not too mention they are like ski slopes. I am not going to get porn star status boobies just a nice c cup with do just fine:))

Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...

Haha!! I'm happy with my b's or (barely there) boobies. The hubs thinks is funny that I find huge boobs disgusting. Real or fake doesn't matter. He'll tease me with "hey Double D's come here". lol!

luis said...

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