Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I f8cken hate.....

rainy days I really really do. Rainy days are great for when your hungover or don't have to leave the house to do zilch.  Look not complaining about rain we need it because it has been a very very dry and warm winter.  But rainy days ranks up there on the list of traveling with toddler and going out to eat at a  decent restaurant with toddler. When it rains and you have to leave the house with a toddler it f*ckin sucks balls.
God forbid my little *demon seed could move her ass a little faster when I need her too.  I would have not gotten soaking wet from the front of the house to my car....What no umbrella you ask......yeah you try to hold an umbrella, 2 bags worth of garbage, diaper bag, my purse  trying to keep my dogs from escaping the house and trying to coral a 2 year old and the umbrella is just one more added item to make the trip a total PITA.  On days like this I want to stab my eye balls out with a hot poker. I had to go to the grocery store yesterday.  I got there early in order to beat the mommy rush. My grocery store is packed with mommy's or stay at home daddy's from 10-12 so I try to get there by 8:30 to beat the rush. After that I was like let's check out the indoor jumpy gym to see if I can get GG to work off some excess energy. Mistake....Huge...Big mistake the place was crawling with kids of all ages. I guess today was some kind of school holiday so everyone in my county decided this jumpy gym was the place to be. I was like no friggin way am I staying here it was green snot nose city sick kids everywhere, that is another thing that just makes me wonder WTF keep your friggin kids at home if they are sick,  but that will be a whole other different post. It was also way too crowded with older kids for my little one too be safe. So I brought her home,  unloaded the groceries in the middle of a rain storm with winds that were whipping hard.  I am cussing out the world {shocker}the whole time and just wanting to the day to be over. Oh yeah did I tell you I can barely open my jaw because of the alignment I got the day before - I was speaking from the side of the mouth it was hilarious I looked like Marlon Brando in the Godfather.

The whole day  - whining and bored toddler.   On rainy days I find myself yelling more AND having zero patience for GG.....No nap because she got no activity so she was not tired...and let's face it folks I am not the arts and craft type. I think you need a particular person with patience to do that shit. It bores the crap out of me and GG  - we have tried before. We did some coloring, playing in the play room and Barbies. She took apart my closet about 15 times she was trying on and walking around with my shoes which I cannot lie kinda made me proud.   The dogs are super restless for not being able to get out for their usual hike with me. Their paws tapping on the hardwood floors are like nails to a chalkboard. We just have to do make due with tossing the ball around the house which with two dogs each weighing a 75 pounds each makes for allot of fur flying and mess.....And I detest mess.

It is on days like this were I know why we mommy's sometimes need a drink. So over it......

*Yes my term of endearment for my GG


Mommy With Selective Memory said...

Haha I love ya!! But seriously if you don't like crafts I totally get it. That's how I was too but it's worth it. Start by giving her a bowl of water...or aome plain rocks and a will be be kept bust for awhile I promise!!:-)

Ronni said...

I am a firm believer that rain should only happen at night, while we're asleep. And it should NEVER storm.

I have friends in southern California who LOVE it when it rains, I guess because it's so infrequent there.

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

It's raining again here today too and we are staying home. We ventured out yesterday to run a quick errand but my husband came with us so it wasn't too bad. But I so feel you, in and out of the car sucks when you have kids and its raining. It's going to be a long weekend, they are bouncing off the walls today!!!

Susan said...

I don't know why I ever have bad days when I get to read your blog.

Memo to self: No matter how crazy things get, make time to read Mommy Bags and Chunky Goddess.

This was beautiful! lol I live in the Pac NW and so we get used to the rain but when I was nannying in Sunnyvale for 2 years and it would rain, I sounded a lot like this post!

Cannot wait to read the germs post. Sounds like me! lol Thanks for the smile today!
Adoring you as always!
75% Hippie

Feeling the love......