Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ohhhh God......

this is going to hard but I am taking and putting myself on a 6 month challenge. I was originally going to go on a year challenge but I want to make sure that I set smaller goals for myself instead of a huge one then maybe not getting through it and then feeling guilty and shitty about myself.  So you may ask what my 6 month challenge is going to be....Well let me tell you this one is going to be a doozy -  this is part of my heritage and part of my major social circle and let's face it I have a toddler and once and awhile you need some wine at the end of the day. For 6 months I will be giving up wine and since I do not drink any other liquor besides wine this is going to suck.....yep you guessed it donkey balls...OH GOD help me what the f*ck  - am I thinking clearly?  This is going to suck. Auuuggggggg.

Now let me get this out on the table right now I only drink at social functions but when I do I love to get my wine on and because our social calender has been pretty packed we have had a little bit more fermented grapes in my body then what I have been used to in the last two years. And with wine comes a few other bad habits that I just do not want coming back into my life.

Did not help any that I got this shit in the mail yesterday.
WTF really I am only 42
AND then had to stare at this in People Magazine she is
48 - 48 Freak of nature supermodel 

As you know I used to be a heavy smoker before I had GG I quit cold turkey - like on the couch sick with the smokers flu kinda of cold turkey it was awful  the worst thing I have ever gone through.  Because I am an ex smoker the first thing that clicks in my brain as soon as I have a glass of wine is BOING I need a cigarette. It is awful I know but it is the way an ex smokers brain{or mine} functions for that matter.  And I am not talking one cig either I tend to jump the gun and go insane and the next day I feel like total donkey vomit. My lungs hurt I feel like shit and I feel the difference in my whole body. I am sorry to say but as gooooodd as that cig taste at the time I am having my vino the next days aftermath on my body is just not worth it. With wine comes a slight hangover because after turning 40 my hangovers began to suck big time and with hangover comes eating shitty and I hate to eat shitty. I love veggies fruit and lean protein. But when you have a buzz on you crave shitty food....What is up with that? With being tired I get off my work out schedule and even if I miss a couple of days I can feel a difference. It is a vicious cycle and it is time to re challenge my ass again. I am recommitting myself to working out everyday instead of 3 times a week in order to make sure this happens I am going to place $1.00 in a jar every time I head over to the gym - this idea was placed in my head by Ms. Cyn over at Every two weeks I will unload the jar and I will use the money for something fun we can do as a family.

This one is going to be a toughie not going lie we Italian mofo's love our wine -we have employment appreciation party, a shit load of birthdays, weddings and everything in between however my lovely husband being the supportive soul he is and not wanting me to go down the smoking road again has upped the anti with an extra bonus.  If I get through these 6 months of torture without failing I get a new hand bag...gosh he knows me so well bribery and handbags will work every time..CHALLENGE on. *I am also not going to apologize for my designer handbag addiction not going to happen some people have shoes I have handbags*.

I have had my eye on this little number for months.....I have printed it out the pretty purse pic and placed in 3 mommy locations throughout the house. You are soon to be preeetttty
1973 Gucci Top Handle 
So wish me luck and I hope will make it!


joeh said...

I quit smoking last feb 2011. I quit drinking (cut waaaay the f back) because you CAN NOT quit smoking and still drink. I used to drink quite heavely....too heavy...I will have an occasional glass of wine and maybe a scotch every other week. Any more and I wake up feeling like shit.

It will not be as hard as you think... stay with it you will feel much better.

I read many of these mommy blogs and a lot of them make fun of their mommy's wine. I cringe, it is not really funny, we are not 21 any more, heavy drinking is BAD SHIT!! Stick to your guns.

Cranky Old Man

Ronni said...

You can do it!!! Do it for the bag if not for anything else. (I love handbags as well.) :)

becca said...

you can do it i have no doubt at all

Jo said...

Good luck, girl! That's a major endeavor, knowing how delicious wine is. :) I too should probably lay off the stuff, so I'm really proud of you!

Andrea said...

You go momma! You can do it!

KERRY said...

Good luck to you!!! I hope you are successful :)
Good for you for setting such a tough goal, that can't have been easy to say out loud lol
Especially seeing you love wine so much.

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Good Luck Sista and good for you!!! 6 months is a long time but you can do it:)) And yes us Italians LOVE our wine! I cannot wait to have a glass after baby.

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Of COURSE you can do it Darling! Meee? Ummm, not so much... lol xoxo

Susan said...

That bag is a thing of beauty. I shall covet it in all of it's beauty. I know you can do it! Good luck and keep us posted! If you feel like faltering, blog about it and we'll boost you back up!
Blessings, Light, and Luck,

Feeling the love......