Friday, March 2, 2012

WTF Friday.........

Hello pretty ladies and handsome gents. How do Friday's come so quick. I have been having issues keeping it all together in the last few weeks. I also think this mama needs to go and get her eyes checked every time I read or work on the computer my eyes get tired and I then get a headache. I tried to go last week at Lens Crafter but the damn place was so packed it was ridiculous and with GG {my daughter will now go by GG} it was almost close to impossible since she had her hands in all the  glasses. So this week as been pretty quite with freak stories BUT  you always have those few extra special people that make you shake your head and wonder WTF.......

  • I know she is legal but I can tell you this if this....if this smug MoFo ever came around my house sniffing around my daughter I would know and would have greeting him would  a baseball bat to his head. This teacher pedophile is trying to tell us that nothing happened between the two until she reached the legal age of 18. Yeah and hey are those pigs flying by my window. Dude your a POS you took the job as a teacher and took advantage of a girl because even though she may be "legal" age she is still a teenager.  Let's see if she finds you that interesting in about 5 years when she wakes up for this awful dream and realizes what she has done.  Have you stopped for a moment to think about your wife and your kids. One of your kids go the the same school - You selfish prick!
Douchebag POS 
  • I can give a sh*t that Beyonce was breast feeding in public. WTF is the big deal? Does she have magic tits. I mean unbelievable. Sorry babe you cannot bitch that it is all over the news you are after all a celebrity and you worked hard to get here. But  B darling if you don't want people checking out your swollen fun pillows you should know better than breastfeed in public. Do you girl.....but keep in mind your a f*ckin celebrity not some unknown Joe Shmo. 
  • OK I checked and rechecked and it seems to be true God help us the below person is about to have a baby - Snooki is friggin pregnant. 
  • Can you tell me why people par their butts and shopping carts right in the middle of the grocery store aisle and chit chat away on the damn cell phone without any regards to anyone else trying to get through. When I say excuse me move your ASS. 
  • I am sitting here watching Parking Wars and trying to wake up I am amazed at some of these people's excuses/blame everyone else who get their cars booted - PAY YOUR PARKING tickets when you get them dumb asses. When you get a car with it comes responsibility can we say that word together boys and girls R-E-S-P-O-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y...Good
  • OK enough man 4.79 a gallon a GALLON. This is a double snap around the world what the f8ck. 
  • If you are going to alter anything on your face and body via plastic surgery PLEASE make sure you go to a reputable plastic surgeon and not some quack you looked up on the yellow pages 
  • Full on war paint at the gym come one ladies that shit is bad for your skin - a little tinted moisturizer and you are good to go...


Nancy said...

I can't believe Snooki is pregnant. That bitch is going to hate being pregnant. I just know it.

I can't believe that teacher is a douche. Not just that but a pedophile! Gross!

joeh said...

OK MB as usual gotta comment!
I do not know this story but Yes Yes and Yes!!
Who is Beyonce?
When little snooki is born will she slap the doctor back?
I have blogged about this and it has not eemed to have helped!
Yea, but I was only going to be a minute.
Only 3.59 in New Jersey
Easy rule here - Tits not lip!
I kinda like the blue eye shadow slut thing.

See you next week...WTF!!

Crfanky Old Man

Annie@Letters to Mo said...

I missed the hoopla over Beyonce BFing in public!

Heard about (and was terrified by) Snooki being pregnant. Here's to hoping she can stop drinking for 10 months...

My hubs would be in jail for killing that fucker if he sniffed around our kid.

Ronni said...

I don't understand the point of booting a car. All it does is muck up parking for everyone else! I think towing make much more sense! The person loses their car, has to locate it, go get the ticket taken care of; it's just a lot more hassle! And it doesn't mess up marking for everyone else.

That girl with the lips. WHYYYYYY???? She was fine before. :(

All that work Snooki did to get down to 98 lbs. Oh well.

Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...

*Ugh...that teacher is a total Chester! What a douche!

*I'm so over my hometown girl, B!

*Snooki and her gorilla make baby....Yes God help us!

*I always bump, lane-hoggers with my basket. I pretend I wasn't looking, lol! If they get ugly, I get ugly! They shouldn't be in the middle of the isle, they need to go and chit-chat near the clearance bread!

*The Hubs and I love Parking wars!! For real...these people get mad when it's their own fault.

*eeeeewwww...I have big lips..but those are effing big and fugly!!

*I know lots of MiMi's. hahaha to what the Cranky old man said...(blue eye shadow slut thing) cracking me up!!

Newest follower on the Linky!

You have a fabulous weekend!!

Mommy Bags said...

OH Gawd Snooki is going to breed.

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

And yeah double WTF to the gas prices. I filled up today at only $4.06,we are in the Sac area. It's always higher in the Bay.
I missed the Beyonce BF story.
That teacher douche bag makes me want to barf and yes i would do the same.
I was just at the store yesterday and some dude with his gut hanging out was blocking the whole isle. Didn't even say oh sorry about that or excuse me, he just stood his chunky ass in the middle. And I ran into to him 3 times and everytime he was standing in the middle. I was so irritated.

Andrea said...

Great...a Jersey Shorette!
Those lips make me sad.
If Beyonce doesn't like it she should've put a blanket on it!

Allison Downes said...

Found you in the hop! New GFC and Linky Follower, Hope you will follow me back!

cyn said...

i thought makeup at the gym died in the 80's with high-cut leotards & leg warmers!?!?!

that *teacher* is a douche & i am with you -- he would be swallowing teeth if she was my kid!

and OMG to those lips -- did she want that?!?! i mean wtf is up with girls today? who in their right mind made women believe that looks good?!?!

xxoo mama!

Feeling the love......