Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ohhhhh Jeff Lewis.....

how I have missed you and your crazy OCD ways and your quick witted mouth. If Jeff had a cult I would become a member that is how much I love him...... OK that is taking it a bit too far but you get what I am saying- click here if you did not know who Jeff Lewis is  I have watched his show on Bravo {shocker} Flipped Out since it first aired in 2007 and from watching that first show I knew that I was not alone in the world. A frame that was not slanted just so could send me in a tizzy and if a cushion was not fluffed just so could make me feel restless and uneasy. Now I must admit that I have gotten a little better I am not as neurotic as I used to be. Having a little one around the house chills you out a bit, but I do get comments when people come over that my place is always so orderly and neat considering I have a toddler and two huge dogs.  Last night I was watching his new series Interior Therapy and felt right at home. Now can we talk about the MOST annoying woman ever that was on the show last night. She complained about everything and everything stressed her out.  If I was married to this chick I would have a roll of ducked tape handy to seal that trap shut. Her poor husband had no say in anything decor wise that was going on in the house even though he wanted his thoughts heard and was trying to give his opinion on the height of the bed. Ms. Frigid was just not budging. Smack!

So this chick is just bitching about the time and the mess and being a ahole. They are trying to do a major bathroom/master bedroom remodel in a week you signed up for this shit, you knew what was involved and you knew that their were going to run into some problems when trying to do a remodel in such a short period of time.  What the f*ck did you expect Jeff to wave his friggin decorator wand and it be done in like 24 hours?  Think of the guys who have been working their asses off 24/7 to get your white marble bath done. Wahhhhhhhh stop bitching you probably are not paying for a damn thing for this remodel. I would give my eye teeth to have part of my home remodeled by Jeff Lewis. You know that everything he does will always be perfect because in my eyes he is a genius.
So STFU and go with the flow and enjoy the finished product.

Best line of the show : Jeff asks his assistant Jenni {after not a good bathroom tiling job} if she thought he was crazy and she looks at him with this look on her face and says "Do you really want me to answer that?" Classic 

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Andrea said...

I have not met your hottie friend Jeff, but think it might be best that way....sniff,, sniff!

Feeling the love......