Friday, June 22, 2012

WTF Friday......

Killer week....killer few weeks....killer baby cold....... and killer life.  Straight and to the point here are my rants and raves for this lovely Friday.......

  • Nope won't get don't want to get it and can't stand him....I will never ever see the fascination with the show Seinfeld. The show was stupid, the cast annoying as hell and Jerry let's just say when my daughter watches the Bee Movie I want to punch myself in the head repeatedly his voice is so annoying. 

  • WTF if your dumb enough to have a dude{or anyone} take a nude picture of yourself then you need to suffer the consequences in this day and age you should know better. Bet your ass I will be sitting my little one down at an early age to explain all of this. Be smart ladies.

  • Your daughter pees you change her diaper which with a toddler has become a mini wrestling match. You put her down 2.5 seconds later she shits her pants. Awesome!
Yeah right 
  • Make a grocery list...Mmmmm check it twice and you still leave the damn store without what you came in for in the first place
  • Hello Stacy Keibler you just gave Clooney the marriage just sealed your fate in about 3.6 months you will be live in girlfriend number 125. No one will be able to tame this lion.....Buh...Buh 

  • WTF why do health insurance SUCK so much?
  • A dumb bitch "mom" has been banned from a  local Nordstrom because the woman left her 11 week yr. old twins in her SUV while she shopped. WTF is wrong with people? Have people gone completely insane?  
  • This lovely woman offered her sexual services for McCrack cheeseburger.  Dang girl at least hold out form some In & Out...No?
And you know what just because I want to and I can - little eye candy to start off the weekend....Yes I am obsessed with Joe Manganiello


joeh said...

Hmmm. I disagree "Yada yada yada"
Not my type

Have a great week!

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Let me be honest Bags, if I had known what having children would have done to my butt, boobs, stomach, face, etc, etc I would have taken 1000 nude photos with my phone while I was in my early 20's. My mirror depresses me and having those pics would make it all better.

Cyn Knight said...

hahaha i have missed WTF friday...
yeah WTF to all of that!


Andrea said...

I hate it when I leave the store without something that was written legibly right on my list!!!!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

I can remember at times holding my boys' arms with my feet while changing them because they wouldn't sit still and then they thought it was a game so it made it even worse. And I briefly heard about the lady banned from Nordy's...who does that?! Stupid ass people!!
I am always forgetting crap at the store, it's a good thing we have a grocery store like 2 minutes from our house...or else I would be screwed:)

Feeling the love......