Thursday, June 21, 2012

What would you do?

This post might bug some people and others might not think twice about it but I now what I would have/would do. This story has been all over the news here in Cali. and it brings me back to that tunnel of fear I have always had in the back in the mind to why I did not want a child. I am scared of the amount of anger that would come from my soul and the physicals pain I would cause a human being  if someone ever decided to harm my child.

Below is a bit of the story if you want to read more I am sure you can locate all the facts on the Internet...but I wanted to applaud the state of Texas for not prosecuting the father who did what he had to do in order to protect is daughter....He had to protect his daughter from a piece of shit SOB who was raping his 5 year old  - 5 f*ckin year old daughter on his property during a friggin BBQ. This so called "human" took the innocence away from his little girl which will cause her physical and emotional hell for the rest of her life. This "human" does not deserve to be alive. I know some of you will be like but he to was a human being.  Sorry folks nope not going to happen and no one will convince me that this piece of vomit would have not done and probably had done this many times before. Their is no lower piece of scum then a child predator and I know what I would have done and by reading my blog you know what I would have done.  I would have done the very exact same thing instead I would have used a shovel to bash his skull in. 

 As much as I love Calif  this state is known for condemning {in some cases}the victim and showing to much sympathy for the criminal - the father would probably be prosecuted and a percentage of the population would probably be on the predators side believe you me I have seen it happen in this lovely state. I do not think that many people would have not done what this man did. Can you imagine the rage that went through the fathers body during that moment. I am raging just sitting her posting about it. By doing what the father did he took this SOB out and prevented from another child getting hurt. That is my thought on the subject. 

I applaud Texas because they did the right thing.

SHINER, Texas — Hearing his 5-year-old daughter crying from behind a barn, a father ran and discovered the unthinkable: A man molesting her. The father pulled the man off his daughter, authorities say, and pummeled him to death with his fists.
With his daughter finally safe, the father frantically called 911, begging a dispatcher to find his rural ranch and send an ambulance.
“Come on! This guy is going to die on me!” the man is heard screaming on the recording, which authorities played during a news conference Tuesday where they announced that the father would not face charges. “I don’t know what to do!”
In declining to indict the 23-year-old father in the June 9 killing of Jesus Mora Flores, a Lavaca County grand jury reached the same conclusion as investigators and many of the father’s neighbors: He was authorized to use deadly force to protect his daughter. “It’s sad a man had to die,” said Michael James Veit, 48, who lives across the street from where the attack happened in this small community run on ranching and the Shiner beer brewery. “But I think anybody would have done that.”


joeh said...

I cannot condome taking another person's life regardless of the situation. It is up to the state to prosecute a crime and establish the penalty.

In this case let's just say the father acted first in self defense of his daughter and overreacted due to tempeorary insanity Causing this piece of shit to die slowly and painfully from a severe beating.

Oh Well!!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

This is the first time I have heard about this story. This doesn't happen enough and it should. Usually people are prosecuted. I can only imagine what my husband would do if he caught someone in the act with our child. I feel the same way! Thanks for sharing the story.

Mommy Bags said...

Thank you he acted in a fit of rage of what he was seeing before his very eyes to his beautiful baby girl.

Jeremy Bates said...

Texas does the right thing quite often. The death penalty? Nope. Why? it is more painful to spend the rest of ones life in prison. That's where the guy belongs. Forever.

Mommy Does Everything said...

Great post !! I agree with you 1000 % the father took this piece of crap off the streets . I and any other parent would of acted the same way ! These sickos don't realize you are ruining a child's life !!

Feeling the love......