Monday, June 18, 2012

A packed full weekend &

Dog 1 and my baby 
weeks ahead. It is Monday  morning and I am just getting around to updating my blog. I am sitting down having my cup of Get Gorgeous tea {actual name} for the skin this tea is the diggity. I swear my skin has never been better since I started drinking it. I am starting out the day with a pack of frozen peas on my neck I took it up a notch at the gym and I kind of jacked my neck up a little no biggy I will ice the shit out of it today then back on the old gym again Tuesday. I also need to get my act together on eating I over indulged this weekend and feel like a whale.  I usually stick to my cooking 7 days a week but with BBQ's and going out to dinner/events it has been pretty hard to not over eat and drink wine. 

I am watching the fog rolling in over the mountains this morning  this is the first morning in a couple of weeks that the fog has made an appearance. The weather has been HOT and we have been taking full advantage since we don't usually typically have great weather in June. That is why I have been a little off schedule with the posting because I have been so busy running around everywhere and enjoying the outside.  GG's last day of Tutu school was last week so we wrapped that up and she has had allot of fun with her ballets girly's. They also had the little ones make these cool fairy wands after the class. Over all GG enjoyed her time there and we are going to sign up again in the fall. I am also busy getting baking for folks, getting GG prepared for preschool and attending many birthday parties.  The more social GG gets the more invites come our way which is nice for her. I want a very social child and I want her to experience new things everyday and just be active. I am now looking for a swim class for her to take during the week I am looking for a class that will require beginning swimming and not just ring around the rosy in water I can do that at home in the bath tub and save myself some dough. 

Friday we went to the San Mateo Fair with GG, LDog and Cha Cha. It was me and my SIL with the troops in 82 degree weather and let me tell you it has been determined that their happy asses will not be going to Disneyland until they are of legal drinking age.  Wow what a nightmare between their SUV size strollers and all the shit that comes with carting 2 toddlers and a baby we were over it before we went through the gates of carnival hell.  SIL and I decided that next year were filling up adult size sippy cups of wine for the  It has been determined that GG has no fear and went on most of the rides she could get on and then some for her height. I did not get many pics because one of us with the kids because while SIL did rides  with one of the toddlers I watched the baby but I did get a few. I also included a few older pics of the day we went to the fair with daddy. 

I have no clue what she was looking at
Rain Forrest
GG mesmerized by parrots

Ewwww nasty 
After the fair we went walked back to my pops house on the way back we managed to lose one cool toddler fedora hat I just bought for GG that morning and one stuffed animal I won at fair. I have no f8cken clue how we managed to lose both but we did. The whole fam went out Friday night for a pre fathers' day dinner. The kids did really well it helped that this time instead of small and intimate we did loud and not. Did some walking after dinner and we just sat on the dock checking out the water and the sunset.

My pops kid Ldog and GG
This is what life's about 
Saturday got up and baked an amazing blueberry cheesecake for neighborhood BBQ that was fun....I had a little too much wine but it could be that my ass has become a light weight.  Sunday was Father's Day and when I asked my husband what he wanted he stated all he wanted to do was couch surf and watch the US Open and whatever red neck car race was on{sorry I don't get the racing thing} so that is what we did we chillaxed and did us.  I found this older pic of my husband and GG when we were in Cabo and this pic tells me time and time again what an amazing father my daughter has and what a beautiful man and husband I am married to. 

GG & daddy in Cabo - Man enough to sport girly headband for his daughter 

Today is going to be catch up day. Bills, blogs, clean up the house, menu planning and getting GG's stuff ready for her preschool debut in July, a pile of laundry and a chance for GG to sleep in and take it easy.

Have a great Monday everyone!


Andrea said...

Wow lady, don't forget to breathe!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Dang were busy!!!I have thought about taking a sippy cup for myself plenty of times, there is nothing wrong that...right?! It was stupid HOT up here all weekend, wished I was in the bay area Saturday:)

Ronni said...

The thing about Disneyland, though, is that it's way more conducive to toddlers than a fair or carnival. But I only had Aidan to deal with when I took him to Disney World at age 2. I can't imagine dealing with double/triple the equipment!

KERRY said...

Little GG is growing up, look at how tall she looks in her stroller!
You guys have been busy but it sounds like you've been having a bit of fun too :)
Hope you have a great week!!

Cyn Knight said...

awww bless your heart for being so adventureous with toddlers and a baby... lol!
gg is getting soooo big and her hair is getting soooo long! love it!

glad you had a chaotic but good weekend!


Mommy Bags said...

My little one is getting so tall it is ridc.

ana said...

Good ole San Mateo Fair... I was just chatting with a girl friend how if we still lived there we could have seen Boyz II Men on Monday LOL! Ya... we went to Disneyland and walked around in the heat... it was cranky town for the Mr... next time I will be prepared and bring a special sippy cup for him too

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Geeeez Bags, are you doing speed? Where are you getting all the energy from? Just reading this post made me think you're living in a world where the days are 40 hours long. Sounds lovely though... share some of that drug pulllleeeeze.

Mommy Bags said...

I know right I have some energy I have no idea were I get it

Feeling the love......