Friday, December 2, 2011

WTF Friday.......

Howdy Howdy Bloggy Gals and Pals - Cuz of the gobble gobble turkey holiday last week my ass was to hungover to post my weekly WTF on Friday...I however decided to bust the rules last week and posted my WTF Friday on a Saturday because that was WAY to much information to be stored in my head for another week.  So this week we are back on schedule and ready to rock n troll....and here we go.
  • Kayyyy...Cindy Crawford what type of virgin blood are you drinking and were can I get some? It is ridic this woman is 45 and her body and face are still kick ass...Oh hail Cindy I still have the biggest girl crush on you

This is when models looked like models and not anorexic little boys

  • I wanna know how some of these actors/rock stars/whatever make a shit load of money and end up bankrupt????  Keep an eye out on your money honey because no one else will. Know what comes in and out no matter hoe huge you get....Remember MC Hammer? Oh yeah and pay your friggin taxes. The IRS will always find you!
No mo money...Hammer time

  •  The books were good the movies SUCK {come on you know the acting is like watching paint dry}  some these Twihards or Twinkies {as I call them} are not living in real world time...are they?  Some of these "ladies" are now going to bridal salons faking engagements {plural so this means it is not just one random crazy chick} in order to try on the replica of Bella's bridal dress she wears in the movie...Mmmmkay when did you cross over to crazy land...and how much time do you have on your hands...your kinda of an adult {this "woman" was 35}. Do not waste employees time with your bullshit  pre teen fantasies...Get a life man and GTFU.  Am I the only one that thinks this has gotten a little out of hand? Sorry but Edward and the other dude who plays the wolf are not cute....Give me the original Bram Stoker any day....

  • To the fat f*ck who almost hit my car the other day while shoveling a big mac in is mouth. I know that you could not wait to get all that greasy goodness  in your big mouth but check both ways before you cross into an intersection. I know you were busy unwrapping and eating with both hands when they should have been on your steering wheel but if you would have hit me and harmed my child I would have taken that lovely burger and shoved it up your ass wrapper included.  So this week I would love to give this a**hole the super Junk Punch Award. This award will be featured weekly on WTF Friday for any fool that {overly}bugs this shit out of me the week prior will get JUNK PUNCH. This lovely idea/button was created by the awesome blogita at Go check out her blog she will crack you the hell up!

  • WTF is up with football being on Thursday, Monday and Saturday. Wasn't this sport only supposed to be on Sunday??? Auuughhh 
Now if these carton characters were playing the game I would watch

  • WHY....why do grown ass women buy Hello Kitty shit?
Really? This just looks stupid

  • I saw the nastiest commercial on TV the other night from Pizza Hut - Dinner in the box I have never ever seen such gross shit in my life......More like heart attack in a box who eats this crap....Maybe if I was hungover but even then I would totally have to think about it...Just ewwww
Help me........
  • Ohhhh wahhhhhh pull your big boy pants up. You were asked to pay a certain amount of mula cover in order to attend the leather and lace extravaganza at the Playboy Mansion and the ladies were not...No f*ckin duh man it is the Playboy Mansion of course the ladies do not pay.....You had a choice you did not have to go but I guess you did because you paid and now you are bitching and filing a lawsuit?  It is assholes like you who tie up court time with such frivolous lawsuits. Guess it was a high price to pay to stare at some fake boobs.
  • Never search for Barbie and head on the Internet - sometimes what you think will come up does NOT
How creepy American Psycho is this?

  • This is a empty paper towel roll - If I was a crafty mommy I would turn this lovely roll into something spectacular that would have some type of  Xmas know what I did?  I threw it away...Bad mommy

  • What the hell is wrong with my daughter?  This morning I woke up at 4:45 am and this is what was staring at me at the foot of the bed. I stopped seeing little pink ponies a few years ago after I stopped partying so hard......So this am I had a mini flash back......

  • OK guys another train wreck worth watching - Baseball Wives on VH1 this shit is crazy and some of the women look rode hard and put away wet..such drama it is stupendous move over Real Housewives you got some new cha cha's in town and they are sure to kick your asses. I am not on a mission to find out how old some of the train wrecks are.....which makes me think WTF is wrong with me?
Train wreck and just awesome

Smooches and Happy Friday Babes


Mommy2¢ said...

As much as I'd love to claim origionality on this brilliant idea, I cannot. My inspiration came from Debi @TruthfulMommy with her series called Throat Punch Thursdays (that I'm in love with). I just feel that sometimes there are shitbags on this planet that deserve an extra punch in the privates; thus Junk Punch was born (okay... Not really. The sayings been around forever!) Thanks Mommy Bags for throwing out a Junk Punch to a well deserved a-hole! If only we could do it IRL without possibly getting arrested! Ha!

Mommy Bags said...

Thank you Ms.Mommy 2 cents cheer for all!!!!!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Yeah the thought of "if your idiotic driving causes so much as one hair on my daughter's head to be harmed I swear to god I will rip you a new one and feed you to the vampires" goes through my head once a week. At least.

Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...

Junk Punch.....bwaahaaaahaa

Great Friday post as always!!

Have a great weekend!

LisaLisa said...

New follower and i must say..I enjoyed reading this post! LOL

Please follow me I'm from the Weekend Blog Hop!

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Thanks for the lols Darling! xoxo

joeh said...

OK, I don't want a Junk Punch award, so in case I blog anything that pisses you off this week...I'm Sorry!!

Oh, and we need football on Tuesday and wednesday....Oops...I'm Sorry!

Cranky Old Man

Ronni said...

LMFAO all day every day at this post.

All the info about that wedding dress was in one of those gossip rags last week. The combs and shoes, too. Not cheap.

The My Little Pony! HAHAHAHA.

Andrea said...

Baseball Wives? On VH-1? When will that channel's identity crisis be over? Slap some frosting on that tube and call it a yule log!

LOL, WTF, indeed!

Michael Ann said...

Ok MB, this was by far the BEST WTF ever! Every sing item had me rolling or spitting mad. One extreme to the other. I almost want to get a junk punch ward just because the button is so cool! Baseball wives? What?? If I were one of the husbands, no way would I want my wife on that show. Publicity hounds!

Cyn said...

my bestie is one of those twimom's & it has caused many a riff. she literally gets pissed if i poke fun or dare try to compare her beloved twilights series to anne rice or bram stoker... it is just bizaaaaaare!

okay i admit it -- i like hello kitty -- i have an awesome diamond crusted watch -- but those nails are just batcrazy!

thanks for joining the *no muffin top hop* -- you rock!

misadventures of a chunky goddess

Lioness said...

Have a great weekend. I enjoyed this post.


Lindsay @ a mommy's lifestyle said...

haha, these are some great WTF's! I would love to have Cindy Crawford's boy at that age...or even right now!!

Mariebop said...

Great installment of WTF Friday! I literally LOL'd.

Mommy Bags said...

Woot woot I love me some Fridays and my bloggy friends

Jo said...

You find the best things ever to post about. Oh, and I laughed out loud for real at junk punch.

Feeling the love......