Thursday, December 15, 2011

Don't bust my bubble....

I know that some reality shows are scripted..I get it  I am not dumb ass dear hubby  but can you please just let me be and get off my island..I know I watch to much of this shit TV and I know that I am way to addicted to some but it is fun to watch train wrecks it really is. And let's just say for the last few years it has been pretty slim pickings on the old Boob Tube. Their has been nothing on but reality TV. BTW to the peeps out there who are saying "Hey why don't you pick up a book, knit, scrap book...Well I do/did.

  1. Reading  - I devour all type of books. I am a super fast reader. Before I got the Kindle I used to pay huge ass $$$ while traveling because of all the reading materials I used to travel with. 
  2. Knitting - Tried this once after I kicked my daily smoking habit. I almost stabbed the dogs and picked up smoking again - so frustrating!
  3. Scrap booking not my scene I have books with photos in it enough said 

I love my legits - Project Runway, Amazing Race and all the Top Chef's.  You get the drift. I have never watched one episode of Bachelor/Bachlorette, Survivor or Big Brother. But the ones I really enjoy are the "made" for TV reality series were you know some if not all as been scripted. I can pin point when this addiction started,  it started with The Simple Life - hate Paris Hilton love Nicole Ritchie and the show cracked me up as bad as it was.

It then escalated to MTV the Newlyweds and GOD the as addicting as Doritos on PMS day Laguna Beach/The Hills.  Here I was a member of the 30 plus set watching this crap on MTV.....But boy was Laguna Beach not good when it first started...Bueller...Bueller?

Then here comes Bravo the original home of my beloved Project Runway - and they brought me this

RHOOC Season 1
and this

RHONY Season 1
and finally this
RHOBH Season 1
 Hated DC, not a huge fan of Atlanta {love NeNe } over New Jersey.

I know that I need to stop!  It has gotten better since the birth of my lovely daughter she keeps me busy, busy but I am still watching Jersey Shore {yeah so shoot me}, Rachel Zoe and my new fav addiction full Throttle Saloon!!!

Why do I watch so much crap TV...can't answer that question for you. I know that some of this shit can rot your brain. All I  I know that for a couple hours through the diapers, bottles, dog walking, preschool touring, laundry doing, grocery shopping, organizing, play date, toddler chasing drama of a busy ass day all I want to do is turn on the "box" and veg out on somebody else's stuff. Is that too much to ask? I think not!

Happy Thursday!


Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

I watch a lot of that crap too. that's all thats on in the evenings and that's the only time I get to watch TV. Plus its so darn entertaining. Although, I might done with the housewives. I don't know how much more of those backstabbing bitches I can take.

Katrina said...

I can honestly say that I have never watched one episode of any of those shows. I d have no time to watch tv, let alone any "crap" tv. Believe me, if I had the time, I'd be right there with ya! But I just don't. The most I ever watch is iCarly and all those other kid shows that are in my house 24/7. They are on when I wash the dishes, when I fold laundry -- I can't escape them. And those shows are bad enough....well, by bad enough I mean it's sad that I laugh and actually enjoy most of them. Ugh. What have I become? Nine kids. That's all I'm say'n.

Michael Ann said...

Glad you don't feel the need to justify your tv watching choices to anyone. People should have better things to do than judge others on the t.v. they watch. That gets my goat!! I love Top Chef and Project Runway. You are right, the past few years, nothing else good has really been offered on prime time t.v. This year there are some great shows and I'm so pleased to have something the whole family can watch together. We like Once Upon a Time, Grimm and The Walking Dead. :-)

Michael Ann said...

OH, and to clarify for any of your commenters, my boys are teenagers so that is appropriate family viewing :-)

Cyn said...

i am a reformed reality tv junkie & mainly because brian hogs the boob tube with his own slew of *dude* reality tv -- american pickers, sons of guns, man vs. wild, dual survivor, pawn stars -- hurrrrrrrrrrrrrl!
all of which are way worse than the classics you mentioned.

i miss jessica & nick -- & laguna beach was the shiz!

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