Monday, December 12, 2011

Yesterday I got hit.....

by the stupid stick. Yep siree I did folks...On Sunday morning I got the bright idea to go to Toys R Us with my toddler.Did I fall down and hit my head?  Did the wine I drank Friday night give me hallucinations of an easy trip in TRU with a f*ckin T-O-D-D-L-E-R...All I can say is WTF was I thinking? In the master plan my hubby was also included and I know that this to him was like having his teeth drilled because
  1. Sunday is football Sunday and I never bug him on Sunday  - he watches his games, I read my weekly gossip rag mags, alternate baby watching duty and I do not nag and just relax.  However we needed to get the presents for LDG taken care of and I needed help in order to keep her distracted while I got her shit for under the tree. 
  2. Toys r Us is a friggin nightmare on a regular basis add the holiday season and it's a total sensory overload of the massive kind.
    Toys and 

    We got early enough that we were at the store at about 9:30 and there was no one in the parking lot maybe a total of 7 cars. OKaaayy that seems a little weird but we hit it a a good time so their were not large crowds at all...Thank God! As soon as we walked through the sliding glass doors I knew I had mad a big BIG mistake. I "lost" my daughter, she was gone not physically but mentally she disappeared, her eyes glazed over and I had lost to her to the toys...all those wonderful noisy ass toys. I mean it was bad way bad she did not know which way to turn, were to go first and what she could play with. Hubby and I are not patient people. This is something we are working on - slowly. So to say the least it is really hard when your trying to buy and get the f*ck out when you have a toddler that insist on stopping at each damn aisle to try the toys.
     more toys
    When I finally found what I was looking for I was disappointed by how cheap and poorly mad they were * I am getting LDG a play kitchen with all the accessories. After going through all the drama and seeing what was available I was ready to get the hell out of dodge - BTW ordered the wood kitchen on line will be here Friday woot woot.  I got a few gifts for my nephew and then we tried to motor. Easier said than done LDG did not want to go and had a total melt down - not to bad of one though. We sat her in this awesome Escalade as we checked out and she just chilled until we were done. Why do I have a feeling I will be back to purchase the below for her upcoming birthday?  Just a little hunch!

    Happy Monday!


    LOVE MELISSA:) said...

    We have the same car in pick and she LOVES it!! It is truly a worthwhile investment:) The kitchen sounds great!

    Ronni said...

    Dang. I can't control MYSELF in a Toys R Us. Let alone taking a kid.

    I can just imagine her face.

    *Ooooo shiny*

    I worked a Mattel shift in a Toys R Us over Thanksgiving weekend. My first time ever doing manual labor. I was so tired the next day. My point is that I had a hard time focusing on my work (Disney Cars and Barbie) because I wanted TO BUY ALL THE THINGS.

    I did buy one thing.

    my mini bag said...

    Your daughter is adorable. I hate the TOys r us crowds as well. I took my baby cousin once, didn't come out until three hours later with a dent in my wallet.

    Annie@Letters to Mo said...

    Luckily our Toys R Us in a few towns over. That place sucks you in. You get there and swear you just *need* all this stuff. Then you get in the parking lot and are like, "wait a minute." Luckily Cash has no idea what any of that shit is yet. Lucky mama.

    Mrs. Tuna said...

    Toys r Us is why sometimes people eat their young.

    Katrina said...

    I love Toys R Us!!!
    But only when I'm there without my kids.
    When I am there with my kids...
    I HATE Toys R Us.
    It turns my kids into little monsters that I truly do not recognize: "I want this!" "Buy me this!" "But I NEED this NOWWWW!"
    and it turns me into a mommy that I also do not recognize: "Put that down!" "Don't touch that!" "Put that back!" "no" "no" "nope, not this time" "no" "I said NO" "NO!!" "OHMYGOD WILL YOU STOP ASKING ME? I SAID NO ALREADY!!!!" "Let's Go! Let's just LEAVE! You guys are driving me crazy!"

    Then when we are all back in the car, a few of us in tears from disappointment (could be me, too) I think to myself, "Now...why did I just yell at my kids? I should know better than to take them in there. I asked for that...." and then the mommy guilt hits me, and I take them all out for ice cream.

    Katrina (new follower!)

    p.s. I am also a fan of Cranky's! Love that guy :)

    KERRY said...

    Hahahaha I love how you wrote that you *lost* her...hehe, yep I can imagine! Been there, done that, spent many hours walking up and down toy aisles...advice?
    Never give her a gift card, you'll be there all freakin' day!!

    Mommy2¢ said...

    Sensory overload is an understatement!!! Did you happen to go down the isle with all those stooopid motion sensored Baby Alive babies who go nucking futs the second you walk in front of them??? Eeeeekkk!!!

    Feeling the love......