Sunday, December 18, 2011

Being a hussy.....

is now become a business....Yep I said  it. Slut, whore, skank,jezebel whatever other term is under the other woman umbrella tree now a days.  If you do not want to read the rest then go off to the next blog because this is not a nice post and I plan to say what I think and feel. I am disgusted with the latest epidemic of women who feel the need to be all time total hookers. Obviously some women have not evolved, have a little more respect for yourselves. It is bad enough you go out and sleep with a married/taken man you then have the balls to sell the information for money and ruin families. You never think of the wife and you never think of the think of yourself cuz you are sefish cows.   If you actually believed the POS  married man and that he is going to leave his wife and you believe it when he tells you that he and his wife have been living separate lives yada, yada. yada then your dumb on top of being a &86($#@#! When I hear that your did not know "uber famous man" was MARRIED you make my blood boil.

What set me off this tangit you may ask?  Last night I was watching the Biography channel and they had a whole documentary on how these skanks ladies are making bank on selling texts, emails and info and now are working themselves into brands! What the f*ck kind of world are we living in when the "other woman" can become a BRAND!  I would hide myself under a rock and would be completely embarrassed for being a home wrecker and here they are parading themselves on magazine covers,  friggin sex tapes, becoming handbag designers and selling lingerie WTF is going on?  *BTW Vanity Fair I would have expected this kind of shit from In Touch & Star but I would have never expected your mag to stoup to this level and glamorize these hookers "women". 

Tiger Woods sooo many it was hard to keep up
Jesse James BIG mistake one of many
There is an agency in LA that specializes in  representing the "other woman" I mean I was speechless friggin speechless and let me tell you that does not happen often.  I guess it makes me angry because some of these women claim to be these doe eyed innocent good girls when the big bad wolf big celebrity took their innocence away. Give me a break these types of chicks know exactly what they are doing and how to play the game.  Innocent girls do not sleep with married men and then go out and make a sex tapes afterwards so she then can be famous in her own right *clap clap thank you so much Kim K for empowering and setting an example to our young girls-  make sex tape with D level rap dude become a  famous reality star, make ton of money*

She has tons of naked pics on Internet and made sex tape for Vivid
Yep that says innocent all right
Even one of the chefs I admire the most has succumbed to the jezebel web Gordon Ramsay WHY...why dude?  His mistress actually had the balls to write his wife a letter about the affair and how she is in the wife's corner and a bunch of BS like that. If you had written my ass a letter it would have been shoved down your throat. His mistress actually has a book out - get ready for this
Having An Affair? A Handbook for the other woman AND has been on Oprah...OMG really ????? Really!
Just a horrible Person Gordon Ramsay"s "alleged" mistress

OK it is time for me to get off my Bitch box we could go on all day on this subject but I have a day of buying baking supplies so I want to be in a good mood for it.  I will leave you with this.
My hubby  is a super caring, sweet *shit he deals with crazy me on a daily basis so that makes him a Saint in my book good looking and an overall awesome person he might not be famous but I know their are little chick a d"s out there who would go after my hubby in a second just because he is married and it is a sport for some of these type of pathetic douchettes. I told my hubby if that ever were to happen this post is a warning to him and the gal.  I am nice until you cross the line once the line has been crossed you will then feel the wrath and my wrath would not be nice......Just saying!


Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

This country is so WEIRD with its standards. People are "grossed out" when a woman nurses her baby in public, but have no problem with them showing WAY more boob on the cover of Maxim or whatever. And people are using the "sanctity of marriage" argument to keep gays from being allowed to legally marry, but there are agencies that represent and encourage home wreckers who make loads of money while they're doing it? WTF.

There are some people who purposely go after committed folks. That's there thing. Maybe it's a game or something. I don't know.

Cheapsoda and Dooty Booty said...

A-FREAKING-MEN!!!! I am not married but this is exactly how i feel! If you even have a thought in in your head that you want to cheat on your wife,get the F out! <3<3<3

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Perfectly written! I just love your blOg! I had no idea about that chick writing a book.....really?! A book for the other woman.

Cyn said...

it is just disgusting & pisses me off to no end too -- they are just hookers -- all of them!

all we can do to counteract it is raise strong, beautiful daughters who have way too much self-esteem & are way to smart to ever been in that position -- either the wife or the other woman!

and i am with you -- anyone ever wrote me a letter or did anything to embarass me & my kids -- consider it on & i am not nice when it's on!


Susan said...

It's so lame how our priorities are screwed up in this country. We'd rather spend money on nice cars than feeding our kids the proper food. We idolize these hookers (and thank you for finally calling them what they freakin' are!) and then wonder why we have 11 year olds getting pregnant.... It's maddening.

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

#@$%^&!!!!!! My lipstick is smudged... Blowing kisses Darling... xoxo

Feeling the love......