Thursday, December 22, 2011

WTF Friday...Christmas Edition.....Yes Christmas

Yep that that is right it is Friday before Xmas Eve and I am in rare form. I have so much shit to do it is not even funny. Just finished baking my balls off  Thursday {part 1}and I am now pooped. My super ass hair stylist and friend has some free time on his hands today so he has volunteered to come on over and help put together LDG's Xmas gift with hubby.  As I stated before my husband is super smart when it comes  to most things when it comes to handy dandy work not so much....I love you honey! So here we go gang!

  • Who the f*ck staffs Toys R Us? Sorry to say but DAMN these are a bunch of the most useless employees ever....If you do not know who the hell Belle is from Beauty and the Beast then you are in the wrong line of work and you are doing in  it in the wrong damn store. Duhhhhhh and I don't know is the look and help my dad got when he asked the dude behind the register to point him to the Disney product. This is just not one particular store it is an epidemic through out all the TRU stores. when I go in there I want to drill nails into my eyes because the place is such a nightmare.

  • If one more person dings my car in the parking lot I am going on a dinging spree
  • Hello Macy's you know when I spend almost $500.00 on your merchandise I would really appreciate that you NOT toss my shit in you cheap ass plastic grocery bag. BTW what is up with the plastic sack? You are one shopping bag away from being a Ross. At least at my Ross I get some great customer service and some awesome discounts.

  • Everywhere you turn. The crowds, the lines and the grumpy ass people. People are just mean this time of year

  • The commercials suck more than usual. If I have to see one more ad were the hubby/wifey gives a present of a super expensive car  or crappy diamond whatever from K jewelers to their significant other during the holiday season I am going to throw up.
  • I love LOVE the movie a Christmas Story but come on playing it all day kinda makes me want to get the Red Ryder BB Gun and shoot my own eye out. And yes I have licked the pole and yes my tongue did get stuck - OK that just sounds wrong! Hehehehe I said pole!

  • People who go WAYYYYYYY over board with the Xmas lights this is just not pretty and Xmas sweaters AND Xmas light bulb earrings you get my point

  • Fake xmas trees drive me insane - Sorry

  • Merry Christmas in my house. I know the PC term is Happy Holidays but for me it will always be Merry Christmas.....
  • When you string up your outside lights and one bulb is out and f*cks the whole day up
  • WTF just because I love Ralphie...and the bunny costume 

Happy Friday Peeps! And to everyone have a really safe holiday and a Merry Christmas!
Smooches Biatches!


Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

I want to scoop my eyes out with a grapefruit spoon every single time I go into BRU/TRU. Biggest idiots ever. I had one lady tell me if she gave me 20% off of this item AND 20% off of that item then it would be 40% off my entire order. I was preggo and told her she was an idiot, needed a math class and was obviously a product of the Memphis City Schools. Then my IQ dropped 40 points because we were breathing the same air. She's still there as a area supervisor or some $hit. I hate that biatch.

Also I have NEVER seen a Christsmas Story the entire way through. I have seen it in its entirety just not from start to finish. Sad, huh?

Merry Christmas!

joeh said...

#1. If there is a hell it would be "Toys are us" on Christmas eve for eternity.
#2. I love "The Christmas Story" older folks may remember "The Jean Shepard Radio SHow" From 11-12 on WOR it was the same wonderful stories every night! I do miss, however, all night running of "It's A Wonderful Life" on 4 different stations.
#3. I hate the real tree.
#4. I love the idiots that go decoration crazy, just never do it myself


Michael Ann said...

So glad I don't have to shop in TRU anymore! :-) Thank you about the commercials! WHO gives their hubby a CAR? And the diamonds? Honestly, I could car less about that stuff. I know there are women who love that kind of thing but I'd rather get some bohemian jewelry and Lavender Lotion from World Market. And have you seen those Best Buy commercials where the moms are dissin' Santa? Those are horrible!!!

Ok, enough of that. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

Hey! I just noticed that I was in your linky thing on the side. Awesome, and thanks!

Also, I saw this commercial where the guy gave the wife a car and she was about to hug him and someone drove by in a "better" car and she was busy looking at that one all lustily. I was thinking, "You bitch. You just got a car, stop being greedy!" The husband was looking all sad b/c she wasn't excited about his gift anymore.

Ixy said...

A dinging spree - that's the spirit! That's a pet peeve of mine. Is it my fault you bought a giant hideous vehicle and can't park inside the lines? Why does my little car have to suffer?

I went to 3 stores yesterday and the customer service in 2 of the 3 was dreadful. I worked in retail in my teens and am sympathetic to busy times; I'd never complain about that. But flat out bitchiness? Excuse me, I have some complaint letters to write.

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Merry Christmas Darling! May your stocking be filled with sparkly berry lipsticks... xoxo

Annie@Letters to Mo said...

Merry Christmas! Everytime I see those commercials, I think, "who the hell gives a CAR for Christmas?" Fucking stupid.

Feeling the love......