Thursday, December 15, 2011

WTF Friday.....

Howdy my bloggy friends,
We are down to another Friday...Can you believe it 2011 is almost over and we are fast approaching 2012. Wow just can't believe how quickly the time has gone. The WTF Friday list is a little sparse not too much pissed me off this week - Mmmmkay can you imagine that?  I have been so damn busy getting ready for the holidays I have had no time to breath. I kinda look like the cat above...yep that is about right.

  • Why is it that when you are in a super ass rush at the grocery store you get some numb nut in front of you who has no clue and no idea what she is doing and holds up the line forever and you really need to pee...Oh and by the way who the f*ck writes checks at the grocery store anymore?

  • It should be mandatory for all bad drivers to have their own traffic lane so the rest of us do not have to worry about dealing with their dumb asses
  • Why the hell do not all bathrooms look like Nordstroms they have amazing bathrooms...and let's not get started on the awesome mommy room just pure bliss

  • People who use the gym equipment for longer that the allotted time....Can you please have a little common courtesy.....just a little..You really do not want to make me angry...I am not nice when I am angry....

  • WTF this Goggle plus shit is so confusing and annoying.  I hear it is going away one day and it will be staying the next...Does anyone have the right answer?
  • Holy shit you guys yesterday I totally saw a normal looking soccer mom key a car I swear it was the craziest thing  have ever seen...I do not know if it was a hubby caught cheating or she was having a bad ass day. I was so totally shocked. The holidays will do that to you!
  • OK wtf is the thing with bumper sticking your car to death? Can we have enough political statements on one damn vehicle?

  • Hey WTF has happened to the old fashioned Christmas card? I get that we are in the social media kind of future but come one a nice Christmas card once a year makes a statement  and goes a long way.  Have we gotten that lazy or that busy?  It is really sad to see
  • STOP......STOP texting and driving people. NOTHING I mean nothing is that f*ckin important and if it is pull the f*ck over and do it. Last week I almost saw a poor elderly lady get plowed over  by some doouchette in a Range Rover because her dumb ass was texting. Of course being the 12 year old that I am I pulled next to the SUV and flipped her off. Never claimed to be classy...Yo

  • A grandmother in Washington was about to bury the family dog went it escaped the backyard and got hit by a car. They wrapped the little dog in a blanket December 3rd and kept him in the barn to keep him away from animals preparing him to be buried the next morning. When her husband went to get the dog the next morning the dog was sitting up...WTF that would be a little to Pet Semetary for my ass. I would then be scared of a 10 pound Shih Tzu for the rest of my life.

  • So their are a whole lotta parent groups that have their panties in a bunch because Mr. Howard Stern has just been hired as the new judge for America's Got Talent. I have said this once and I will say it again if you do not want to watch turn it off and don't.. I personally LOVE Howard Stern*Shocker eh*..I got Siruis Radio in my car/home because of the Stern. Yes he is crude but you know what,  he tells it how it is. He is not there to make friends and peeps already have made a judgement on him so he can care less if you like him or not which makes a welcoming change to the I have to be nice judge in order for all of America to love me crap. Oh and BTW if you parent group peeps actually think he is going to be rude and crude like his Siruis radio show your living in some kind of fantasy land. He is getting paid a shit load of money for this gig and the one thing Howard Stern is not is stupid...Relax!

WTF once again for your viewing pleasure - Just because I can! Drool
Happy fun wine day!


Annie@Letters to Mo said...

OMG I'm peeing myself over here because I don't know what to comment on first.

1. How amazing was that dog story? A client told me that yesterday and it made my day. They said the freezing weather kept it alive somehow.

2. The fuckers at the grocery store always have a million coupons and none of them ring up right. Just die.

3. People who sweat all over the equipment and then don't clean it. Ick.

4. Google Friend Connect is going away in 2012 because they want to pimp G+ which is the Google version of Facebook.

5. I live in a hippie dippy liberal college town. Sometimes I swear they use all those stickers to hold the car together.

6. A FB friend posted a status update that was supposed to be her Christmas card. Fucking lame.

7. Texting while driving is fucking stupid and I hate when people try to defend it. You wouldn't have your fucking laptop on your lap while you drive and be typing, so what's the fucking difference. Stupid fucking kids are going to kill us all.

8. Howard Stern is a fucking jackass but that show seems stupid, so I don't care. Again, just don't watch the show, end of problem. Not all TV is meant for kids.

Actually Mummy said...

Hee hee! Never been here before but will def come back! WTF??

Michael Ann said...

Agree about Howard Stern. Seriously. Don't people have better things to do than worry about shit like that? No bumper stickers on my car. EVER!. I admit I don't send Christmas cards anymore :( I stopped last year. It costs too much money and took too much time to write all those people that i see everyday anyway. Sorry but it's a HUGE relief not to be doing it anymore!

Ronni said...

I'm not even bothering with G+ really. It's on my site, but whatever. It's confusing and annoying.

I love WTF Friday. I'm nodding along with everything you write.

Cyn said...

i say it every week but i LOVE wtf friday! you rock balls & i agree with it ALL!

Susan said...

Who doesn't love Howard Stern? He's so rockin'. The things I've seen people do while driving amazes me! Reading a book, texting, and .... well, never mind! LOL

Sent you and the awesome blog some love on my last post.

my mini bag said...

My first time reading your WTF Friday post and I love it.

Your posts are too funny.

Feeling the love......