Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mom's kick......

ASS....Why because we do that's why. Let me tell you I never realized the things that we do until I became one. Why am I saying this because we are everywhere and we are some multi tasking queens. *snap snap*  I see us at the grocery store trying to harness in 3 kids while setting an appointment for Tommy's teeth cleaning. I see us going/getting off of work, picking up the kids in the SUV while trying to not get our work clothes hit with juice from the lovely juice boxes. I see us picking up dry cleaning while holding down a full on conference call and setting up Molly's play date. I have been know to juggle cooking a super ass healthy meal for fam, while updating my blog, paying bills, slapping a bottle in my toddlers mouth  and making sure I get the cookies out of the oven before they over bake. I am that type of person that likes having a million and one things to do. I thrive on it. I can place a load in the wash, one in the dryer,  make a bed, tidy up and I am out the house in 1.5 hours to be where I need to be - and always on time. Moms are super women. It is true. We are indestructible.

How come we can kick ass this way and you give the hubby one thing to do and it is too much for him to do. I swear to God I adore, love and worship my hubby but there are days when he his home that he just gets in my way. He messes up my groove if that makes any sense. He is my yin to my yang. He is so laid back I am so not.  I cannot leave the house if everything is not just right. Before we leave on vacation....fuhgettaboutit I am a complete general. I do not know about you folks but  I hate coming back to a disorganized home. I know..weird it drives my hubby crazy...

I know this sounds like one big crazy post but I just wanted to give a big salute to all the kick ass mommy's out in the land. Sometimes we just need to know that we matter. We do allot and sometimes we do not get thanked much.

Happy Saturday


Lady Bren said...

You go girl
Ok I totally am more like your husband in the lay back thing HOWever man we're they are home they just are useless most the time LOL
Thanks for visiting LadyBren and loved your comment.
GFC :0)

Mama and the City said...

So true.

- Mama and the City

Erin said...

Great Site! Very Funny!!

I am following your site and I hope that you can do the same for me @


jesuscita said...

Love your post today - just what I needed to get up & running.

jessicaclarke said...

Awesome post!

Cyn said...

oh hell to the yes!

you rock, your blog rocks, and i am happily returning the follow and cannot wait to read more!

nuff said!

the purple goddess
misadventures of a chunky goddess

Lacey said...

You're right, we do kick ass! I have the same issue with my husband...when he is home on the weekends he throws off my routine. Sometimes he works at home during the week, that REALLY messes things up. LOL.

Following you via GFC.

Little Miss Nerd Girl

Michael Ann said...

You'll probably get about a million comments on this post! ;-)Yea...I'm not quite the busy bee that you are, especially that my kids are teenagers, but still....Yea, men have no idea. We have to cheer for ourselves because no one else does. Thank you!

Thinking in My Head
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Rachel @ TLC Inspirations said...

I think this is out in the ethers right now. I just wrote a post similar to this last week at
because I also believe WE, as mothers, kick it! :)

Marlee said...

Haha I'm not a mom yet, but I hope I'll be a kickass one someday! In the meantime though, I salute you for bein as kickass as I hope to be! Great blog, am a new follower :).

Feeling the love......