Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drag Queens vs Hiking Queens?

Hello all so sorry for being MIA yesterday but LDG and I needed to take advantage of this kick ass weather *thumbs up* it was like 82 degrees here yesterday and friggin gorgeous -about time we had some summer weather....Word. It is on days like this that I truly miss living in the city. Now let me explain.  I live in a sleepy beach community made famous for it artists, musician sightings and beautiful scenery. We get flooded with tourists every September because the beauty of the town is so breathtaking.
I can get into the nitty gritty of the city in about 7 minutes flat {if there is no traffic and the fog is not as thick as pea soup}. So it is not like I am somewhere in the middle of some deserted island. However for a person who grew up in the concrete jungle her whole life it is hard to get used to mini suburbia living. There are some nights were it is so damn quite that I long for the hot Indian summer nights when we used to hear the drag queens hootin' and  hollerin' at the pretty boys that walked by or the fighting that used to go on after the bars called for last call. The conversations hubby and I were privy to on the fire escape when BFF's were outside from the club below sneaking in a ciggy before boyfriend/hubby finds out. Were I live now welll...let's just say it is pretty but to give you an idea the downtown area is dead by 10:00 p.m. that is including the bars...pfft.. This is a great place if  hiking, biking, turkey spotting and tree hugging is part of your life which is awesome but a little of that {for me} goes a loooong way.  We have been missing the city so much lately there has been "talk" of maybe moving back...Mmmmm I guess we will figure it out eventually in the mean time here is some thoughts that have gone through my head...la...la...lala.

Super close to friends and family
Great restaurants, museums, and bars adult socializing areas
There is always something to do
Would love to walk to places instead of having to always drive to store, cleaners, restaurant blah, blah, blah
Great neighborhoods - Little Italy {NB}, China Town, Wharf ect....
Helllllo awesome drag queens
Take Out GOD I miss good Chinese/Pizza take out when we are in the mood
The  Holy B Trinity - Bloomingdale's, Barneys, Bergdorf, Goodman

Parking sucks
High home prices
Parking sucks 
Sorry to be hating city has gotten a little dirty in the last few years
Douchy annoying protesters
Public schools not so great - would have to go private
You don't  get to really know your neighbors
Trick or Treating via Condo/Apartment living sucks 

Mini Suburbia Pro
Great place to raise a child 
Allot of outdoor activities biking, kayaking, did I mention f***en hiking
Trees that do not grow out of concrete 
Great neighbors
Great schools 
Great casa's with big backyards
Mucho activities for the kiddos and pooches  
Mini Suburbia Con
Allot of tree hugging and Tevas
They sell patchouli oil by the barrel here 
You have to drive everywhere unless you want to hike there and hike back with a trillion bags from running errands
It is to friggin quite
It can get a bit allot boring 
I do not appreciate pine needles 
I find hiking shoes unattractive and I f**C*en hate Tevas


joeh said...

If money was no object (my kids are grown so schools not an issue) I would live in the city and Vacation in the sticks. Your pros and cons are right on.

The Cranky old man

joeh said...

What the fuck is a Tevas?
I am sure I would hate them also.


Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Ok I know I have read it before but where exactly do you live?
And I love my Teva's but mine are flip flops;) Wasn't sure if you were talking about the sandal/shoe teva's...those not so cool.

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

LOL! Great post. I agree about hiking shoes.

Michael Ann said...

I like visiting the city but have never lived in one and the thought scares me! I think I know where you live! :-) I am not far from you...

Nishana said...

Great post...:) When it comes to hiking shoes, I will just have to say that you are right.. :)

Cyn said...

haha love this -- yeah the idea of suburbia is always nicer than the reality when you are a city girl!

luckily rhode island is soooo freakin' small you can kinda have the best of both worlds. but we pay the price of cold ass winters and that white shit they call snow.

everyone has their cross to bear!

i think we need more drag queens in ri too!

Angela GiasCloset.com said...

Hey lady. Your man is a teva man!! lol

I'm going through the same thing over here. I REALLY miss the city for all the same reasons as you. My husband and I discussed, bottom line, for US, burbs are better for the kids. I'm too much of a worrier to have 3 little ones in the city full time. People do it all the time. It's just not for me. My dad moved us from the City when I was 6, but we seemed to always visit. Where you live, you have the best of both worlds IMO.
You never know,when LDG gets older, you may appreciate the quiet.

Lindsay said...

My pet peeve about living near the city is the parking, too. So annoying and very nerve-wracking! LOL.

Feeling the love......