Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dog Parks & Mommy Groups......

Yesterday hubby and I {LDG is arms} decided to  go to our local dog park. We have not been there for a bit because the dogs and their owners were getting a little weird so we decided to give the place a break. Also fur monkey 1 loves to chase the ball and this dog park is not the biggest and it does not do a good job with keeping my pup as active as she would like to be. Fur monkey 2 could give a rats ass because she just does not run - she is what I call actively challenged. That is why I can set a tray on her big butt.
Anyway....I was sitting at the dog park watching my hubby play fetch with my FM1 and my daughter - Yes my hubby was throwing the ball at my daughter and she was retrieving it. Just wrong I know, but it got me thinking on how similar dog parks and play groups are.
Think about it.....

Check out the rules and replace dog with baby/toddler and you have rules of some day cares/play groups

Hubby/Daddy playing fetch with my LDG
  • You go to park/house anywhere were there is a closed off section so dog/child does not run off
  • Depending on child/dog they will be leashed 
  • You sit around with a group of moms/dog owners aka dog mommy's with non fat lattes comparing notes, boobs and who's child has the making of the next Bill Gates/Giselle Bunchen or in dog cases who is the fastest/well behaved or who could compete in a dog show.
  • You throw ball at the dog and keep child busy with some random toy you picked up at babies r us/Petco. My hubby actually plays fetch with my child....at home and at dog park...so sad
  • Some mom play groups/dog park regulars make themselves very hard to infiltrate - the people who do this within the groups can be mean, pretentious and just so into themselves it is ridic. It is a play day/dog walk leave the designer duds at home.
  • DRAMA - I have never seen so much drama as I have seen within playgroups/dog park groups it is actually kind of scary - reminds me of a very clique high school. Peeps fist have been drawn and cops have been called to break up fights at the dog park  - makes for great people watching. Play groups mommy's just rip on one and other behind each others backs. I rather like the upfront ways of the dog park peeps.
 Maybe this post makes no sense and being a SAHM has finally made me crazy.....Happy Tuesday


Jenelle said...

Newest follower from the blog hop! This post definetly made me laugh from start to finish!!! I guess I never thought about the similarities between day cares/play groups and dog parks! Hysterical Post that makes sense!!
Looking forward to reading more!

Hope you still stop by and follow back! Have a great week!!


Pinching Abe said...

I'm here from Good Friends Just Click and am a new follower. Please come visit me sometime soon when you're not taking the Fur Monkeys to the dog park!

I have never lived anywhere that I can think of that had dog parks. I imagine that's a big city thing?

esahm said...

lol...definitely true. Returning you visit to my site. Thanks for stopping by.

Ciao Mama's said...

Yep it is a city thing we have no room to walk dogs except sidewalks so we have dog parks in order for our poor dogs to run without a leash. Thanks for coming ny and visiting my site:0)

Elana said...

Oh, I hear ya! I've been pretty fortunate in my dog park/playgroup experiences though I've heard some horror stories. Gotta love the Bay Area, eh? My husband totally plays fetch with our son. And, there is basically no distinction between the baby toys and the dog toys. Yuck.

Ciao Mama's said...

Yep only in the BA do people take their dogs so seriously

Michael Ann said...

Had to quit taking my dog to the dog park because he has very bad manners. Will steal toys and not give them back. Does not come when it's time to leave. Jumps on people, that kind of thing. People get a little miffed about stuff like that. What's their problem?

Feeling the love......