Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can you believe....

Is this what 57 looks like sign me up

that some one of these celebrities look like they do at their age. I mean how the hell do they do it..I am not naive I know that botox has become as common as a visit to the nail spa but it is crazy how some of these women are rockin' their ages. I am saying this after I saw an interview with Christie Brinkley... she is friggin 57...57 and she looks A-M-Azing. I mean when they did a close up on her side profile there was no sagging and her face looked like a woman in her 30's. Same with Kris Jenner - aka a Kardi I mean she is  also looks awesome....Helen Mirren did you not see that woman's body she is 66 and all I can say is Wow..Let's add a holy crap for Cindy Crawford and Elle Macperson and @ 7:29 am I officially feel like

Of course their has to be some nip/tuck done but it does not look like..... let's saaaayyy Joan Rivers were you can tell she had a shit load of work done. Demi Moore also looks great for her 48 years she actually looks better now then when she was on General Hospital so many years ago {damn I am old if I remember that...ahhhh}. Demi dear.... I don't buy your spiel that you have had nothing done - I call BS their is no way your that wrinkle free without some liquid help. Don't mean to sound catty but that is the same crap Ms. Nicole Kidman spun about her never moving forehead and recently she came out saying "ohhh yeah I did do some shit....really, could not tell..Pfft. You guys are actresses you need to be able to express movement in the face. But I guess HD is pretty harsh on the skin so they have to stay looking young. Such a double standard in "Hollyboobs" the male actor can age and gain all the weight he wants and he will always work but god forbid the woman would let herself go a bit. You will no longer have a job.  Why oh why are we so obsessed with youth?
looking good

WTH look at this bod
Of course these women have money/fame and with money/fame comes the best of the best and that includes the best PS, botox and high end spa's.  The reason I bring this up is maybe because I am feeling a little insecure that I am in my 40's and have a 19 month yr. old.  I just want to make sure I look my very best so I do not feel insecure when dropping off my little one on her first day of school. I have been very fortunate so far, my Italian skin has kept it's side of the bargain and I have been told I look younger than my age {I got 33 the other day and I was floating on a cloud the rest of the afternoon}- Thank you to the gods of the EVOO.
 I also try to
  • Stay active with cardio, baby and dogs 
  • I get a minimum of 9 hrs a sleep a night {unless LDG is sick} I am in bed/asleep by 9:00 folks - sad but true
  • I eat all organic fruit/veggies, very little red meat, try to eat fish 1-2 a week 
  • No fast food - I will have a FF burger once a year maybe
  • NO hard liquor {anymore :0(} wine on special occasions or when I am out - I should have my Italian Card taken away!
  • I stopped smoking {I have had a few here & there since I quit} but hey give me a break I went cold turkey from smoking allot. Chewing gum is now keeping me sane!
  • I try...a big try to get a facial every few months just to get the skin recharged 
  • After 35 I stopped using the stuff from the drugstore and started investing in good face cleaning product. And I cannot say this enough time Moisturize, Moisturize Moisturize
I guess there are days when I feel getting older sucks... but there are days when being 41 has made me the most comfy I have ever been with my own self and body.

xoxo Just Me


Menopausal New Mom said...

I love this post!! The only thing I would add to your list of do's is Sun Screen everyday whether there is sunshine or not. It's helped me stay looking in my late 30's even though I'm now 50. I'm still working on the body after having my first child at 45 (yes I'm slow, was a stay-at-home mom who now has the time and freedom to work out daily). She just started kindergarten.

Thanks again for this post.

Happy Thursday!

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Darling... it's all in the attitude and you've got PLENTY! Give yourself a treat every now and then... Stoli Elit with a lime.. Cups Up! xoxo

Michael Ann said...

Those celebs make it hard for the rest of us to feel good about how we look! But honestly, I try not to worry about it too much. I do all the basics things too and am pretty happy with how I look at 46. You are only as young as you feel right? I feel about 28 :-)

Ciao Mama's said...

I totally forgot sunscreen....and I know I have the attitude.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Heck - I didn't have Helen Miran's body when I was 36! I'm thinking it's genetic - they all look that good 'cause they can't help it. And that's the story I'm sticking with ;-)

Feeling the love......