Monday, May 30, 2011

I never realized the amount of time

and effort before a mini vacation it takes for a woman to get ready. I swear it gets ridiculous. A guy can pack in an 1/2 hour, bring a few toiletries, do a quick shave and they will be good to go. We {or I} have a whole regimen I need to do before I even start to pack....
  • Waxing eyebrows, lip ect......the "south of the border" waxing is not going to happen this trip{I know TMI} but I have been ultra sensitive so shaving is going to have to cut it...period
  • I usually get my hair done - however I figured I will be hanging out in the pool 24/7 no need to waste a nice color and cut before vaca since I will have pulled back wet hair the whole time. I plan on spending a whole lotta time in water. I do not do well with extreme hotness! As long as I am near a body of water I am good to go!
  • Mani and Pedi
  • Air Brush Tan - You need just a little J Lo Glo before the trip makes me feel allot more comfy putting on a swimsuit!
  • You need to get your wardrobe ready - which in my world equals laying out all the clothing items I will bringing {I always over pack you never know} with matching shoes and accessories - accessories will then be placed inside plastic bags and placed with the outfit..This is my old working in the fashion bus merchandising trait that comes out on every trip. My hubby thinks it is weird and very "serial killer" like.
  • Then I need to get all my toiletries together - which is a choir in itself - Make up that does not make you look like your wearing make up...body lotion, sunscreens, this thing, that thing.....
The actually packing begins which is a science all in it's own - I need to get my clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries, make up and other items in one suitcase. Which in my case never seems to work out. I was threatened by my hubby to make it work,  he will not be paying any additional luggage fees! 
On this vacation I am trying to bring less clothing and I will try my best too make it happen. Oh...and by the way I just LOVE all those magazines that tell you that you can pack for a week with just a few essential key pieces. I have tried it,  does not work {unless your a supermodel} so stop LYING to us!

Repeat above (minus tanning, waxing and nails) for LDG who for shorter trips shares a piece of real estate in my suitcase. She also comes with diapers, wipes and all the usual crap babies come with. I called the resort and it looks like they have all pool toys for babies so we are good to go on that. LDG is no longer doing formula so that saves up much room and confusion at the airport. Hopefully we can get through security quickly (they have family lines and I will be taking full advantage of that}. Once we are through those gates I am looking forward to a very relaxing few days with good rushing,no stress and no bullshit!

Swim up bar here I come......

Have a great and safe Memorial Day Weekend

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