Thursday, May 26, 2011

I think I might have a.....

problem.....with magazines. I do not know were this has come from ...maybe from my past career were staying up on the latest trends was a must or was it that my mom used to devour the Italian Soap Opera Magazines called fotoromanzi when I was a child???? To this day those magazines still remind me of the summers I used to spend at the beach in Italy with my family....Ahhh memories seriously I need to pull back...I subscribe to so many sometimes I have a hard time keeping track{but I do}.
I have the smut read which is Star, Us Weekly, In Touch you get the idea....nothing like celebritie garbage to get me through the day
Love my Glamour, InStyle, Vogue you know the mags that make you feel like shit for eating a candy bar....
The house decorating mags, parenting mags, the cooking mags {which is crazy } and the porno mags {ahhh just kidding}
The 7x7 and the San Francisco Mags need to keep in touch with what is happening in the city since I feel like I have been hibernating in suburbia since having the baby.
This does not include the monsoon of catalogs I receive because sometimes I go a little crazy with on line shopping or shopping in general...see I told you just a little bit of a problem...right?

Now that I have the Ipad I am going to try and get my read on({mags} through that but so far I have not seen too much on the apps. And even then I do not know if it will hold the same "obsession" with me. I love going to the mailbox and seeing the stacks of magazines. I love the feeling of sitting down and going through each one individually at my own pace, it is my therapy.  Sometimes I feel that this is my way of "getting away" for about an hour a hubby knows the do not disturb sign is up when the latest US weekly hits my hands.....Bliss

PS - I do recycle the mags,  my awesome neighbor Special K gets the second round and I know she enjoys them as much as I do

Smooches Baby

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Simply Me said...

Special K would go CRAZY some days with them!!! I'm the best recycle system ever :) Thanks for sharing with me girl

Feeling the love......