Monday, May 9, 2011

No I did not want to grow up to be a.....

"Princess"! Did I miss something or did I choose to ignore it for so long... when did a society of women become obsessed with being a Princess? With the royal wedding this has escalated to major nuisance status. Everywhere I turn we have grown ass women wearing those stupid tiaras - take them off your head you look ridiculous.  Did not work for Paris Hilton does not work for you! AND I  do not care what friggin Walt Disney says. 

I was cruising the channels the other night and landed on  TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress"  every damn woman on that show said the same damn thing "I want to look like a sparkly Princess"  Pft.....God after an hour of that you want to shoot yourself in the head! Why could you not say I want to look like my fabulous self in a spectacular dress. Be yourself not an image of what society says you need to be.  I am having a really hard time with this one.  I have a girl and I know that at some point she will be doing the girly Disney princess thing. I cannot deal with the Disney movies they just seem to portray this weak female that cannot due anything for herself until the Prince comes by and saves the day. We should not portray this to our girls especially with so many few positive role models for our young darlings these days. I can deal with the Incredibles, Nemo and Shrek but Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the rest of the girly gang really bug this shit out of me.  The two times I did go to Disneyland -
  • 12  I had no choice parents ruled and I was more attracted to the evil characters anyways.... yeah so shoot me.  
  • The second time a bachelorette party their was alcohol involved so it was not to bad....yeah shoot me again.

When did this Princess syndrome get completely out of hand. I cannot stand hearing parents say to their one year old  - "Who is my little princess, who wants to be a princess or to see the stupid onesies/T shirts with the future princess in training logo. No wonder we have a generation of spoiled, attention seeking, little brats! *Not ALL little girls are/and will turn out like this had to say this in order not to get bashed in blog land..

Yes,  I am the parent of a great little girl. I might not be a match for the Disney marketing machine but I will make sure that she does not turn out to be one of the - I am a Princess give me what I deserve crap.  I want LDG to know that if she works hard and makes something out of herself she is not going to need a man to "save" her. I want her to know that I fell in love with her daddy not based on looks but on what a wonderful, gentle and caring man he is.
*By the way I do not know of any real men out there who like this Princess BS either.

I hope that I will do the very best job I can with LDG...It is going to be hard to fight off all the marketing demons but I am ready for the fight and I will make sure I slay the dragons that come our way....Peace out

Friends or Foes?


Ms Jen said...

Why be a princess when you can be a Queen? Or a Diva! Being a princess is for princesses.

Angela said...

Lucky for me having 2 girls, being a princess has nothing to do with Princes and entitlement, and everything to do with look at me in my pretty dress, I'm sparklie! They love dressing up and all things that are pretty and sparklie, Pink and purple EVERYTHING, and yes, we have all the Disney movies and lots of princess things. Example...Princess legos (they're just pink and other girlie colors) princess leapster-they come in boring red or green, I like the PINK! I HATED pink till I had girls. Everything was black in my closet, lol. Princess backpack, fleece blankets...on and on. I will say, it has everything to do with the parents and nothing to do with the product/character. I do understand not wanting to get sucked in to the character themed products. Trust me. I fought it off as long as I could. Having 3 kids, I gave in. It got to be too much trying to find non character toys/household goods/books for 3 children with different likes/dislikes. Some of the stuff is actually really cute ( I like Disney).

Feeling the love......