Saturday, May 14, 2011

2 dogs and baby....

What an awesome day I had yesterday.  I spent the day with my dad at his house. Which is always fun but very tiring. As we all know,  when you have a child it is not just you that leaves the house. You have yourself and your crap, two dogs their crap and a baby and a whole lotta crap. I remember way back when when I used to leave the house and it was me with a large handbag that's it...Now it is
  • diapers, wipes
  • change of clothes, bibs, onesies
  • toy for the car toy for the visiting house
  • all types of food and snacks
  • milk and water/juice
  • place mats for eating out
  • massive size stroller with awesome side bags
Then we have the pups, need to feed them before I place them in the car. Need to make sure they do not throw up on the baby during the car ride - Which is always soooo much fun. One of my dogs has a little bit of a sensitive stomach
*I don't have a gate barricading my dogs for the baby never needed it they just don't jump around in the car - unless we go by the ocean then they do get a little antsy. But..... hey they are my water monkeys.....

I have a large SUV/Sedan by the time I am finished packing the damn thing up there is no room left...WTF??? Then we are off for the 45 to 60 minute ride depending on traffic{my hubbies office is close to my dad's casa so we make the ride together}.  The ride is pretty mellow considering the car is packed to the gills, it is early morning, baby and hubby are a little crabby  and we are dealing with the lovely am commute. Once we get there it is getting unpacked and getting settled. I then  have a free for all shopping when I am at my dad's house. I live in a great area,  however because of limited space there are a few large box stores in our surrounding geographical area.

Target is my down weakness. I can never go into that damn store without coming out with 150 other items I really did not need...but boy do I love to have...I usually hit up the baby dept. to get needed supplies but then it is a free for all in the other dept. I usually stick with the baby clothing - they have some cute dresses, great toddler shoes but that is about it for me. The housewares dept. is were I many pots, baking pans, dishes, measuring cups.... oh is like porn for people who like to cook...Ahhhhhh

Next door I hit up the Old Navy....I was a big fan of them when I first started shopping for baby clothes now not so much.... I don't know what has been going on in the last few months but the selection has been horrible. I would think that a SF based company would know better than to bombard us with 100's of summer dresses/tacky shorts and T shirts with the damn word princess.
We do not have what we call a regular summer in the Bay Area. We live were fog rules the roast during the months of June through late August. We do have some nice little micro climates within the city but it never really gets summer dress hot here for more than a few days per month. Layer, layer, layer. We are NCAL not SCAL. Petco completes the shopping trip and then we are off to just hang out with the dogs and the baby. My sister in law usually makes the trip down so we have all the little cousins together, running around like crazy in the backyard while we sip on some vino and chill. My hubby and brother meet us at the house after work and then we grubb down on some really good bbq or Italian food. I need to watch my calorie intake since I am still on weight watchers {lost another pound this week making it a total of 14.8 pds  so far ....woot woot}. When the time comes to head home  repack and get the car ready for our journey home.... I have one super tired toddler, 2 exhausted dogs and one happy mommy.....

All in all a pretty fantabulouse day!


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