Wednesday, May 18, 2011


hidden gem of a little runaround/gymnastic gym for my LDG. Today has been an awesome day just because she was so happy tooling around an open space for 45 minutes. I was so happy to see the teacher this morning for she is the same instructor LDG had at our other little gym {closed down a few months ago because the greedy land lord decided to hike up their rent and of course they had to leave} - now the huge location is sitting empty and have a feeling it will stay empty for blah.

We had a super awesome time just hanging out and jumping around, they have a great big trampoline. It took all my might not to get on it...but it was made clear it was for the little ones only...Pfft.
I met a group of really cool of the first "play groups" that I  have attended that the mommies were not I am super stoked about this class. I keep LDG pretty active during the week so this is another activity we will be adding into the bunch. So far we have music class, my regular gym day care, swimming, the gymnastic gym and once she hits her number 2 we will be starting dance classes. A busy child is an active child....I believe socialization is key with children and you can never start too soon.

It was hard to partake in any of the gym activity today, I was a little sore. Let me tell you what happened last night:

Background: I am clumsy...not a little clumsy but a whole lotta clumsy....My hubby refers to me as Grace Kelly because I am so bad. On a daily basis I accumulate about 1 to 10 bruises depending on what kind of day I am having, I have sooo many burn marks on my arm from cooking I am thinking that my lovely mani/pedi team at the salon think that I am being "thrown around from my man". I trip on myself in one way or another every day! So last night..the wind was howling up on our lovely hill and I just could not fall I decided I would go downstairs and watch some tv so I would not disturb my hubby with the tossing and turning. In one hand I have my super size adult sippy cup - (clumsy remember) and my phone - I have no idea why I had my phone but I did. I slipped on the carpet with my bare feet and fell from the top all the way to the bottom with the left side of my body...note that I did not let go of either the cup or the phone - I did not have time to grip the banister. The size carpet burn on my left hip is so gnarly it's cool...this is going to be the Oscar of bruises! My shoulder, back and neck are killing me and I am super sore.
I am lucky I did not smack my head....God and my mom were watching from above. I think my mom wanted to teach me a lesson and slow me down a bit. OK got the message. Thanks.....

Another stellar day at Casa Crazy.....


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