Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Please shoot me now....

It has been a crazy few days. That is why I have not gotten to my bog until today
Note: So crazy that I have not been able to comment on the killing of Bin Laden. All I can say is good riddance that is my opinion. I don't speak politics but he was an evil man that took away 3,000 innocent lives..period

Monday was rushing from one place to another. I had a music class with LDG and as much as I try to get into this thing it is not happening I expected more, but she is having fun, so that is all that matters.  After the music class I had to rush to pick up a few things at the store and off to a dermatology appt. Yep.... I have never ever been to one in my whole 41 years - my skin is fine except for this little redness I have been experiencing after I had LDG.  Super great doctor, he informed me of the following 3 things
  • wine might be causing the flare up and I am pissed about this one - might not be able to have any unless they are sulfate free
  • stay out of the sun - no problem
  • could be aggravated because of...GET READY for this one, just stab my heart  - Peri menopausal  - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I am not ready for this. I feel good and I do not feel old. When you say something like peri menopausal you think f*** I am getting old. Plus all the BS your body is going to go through - I am not ready and I am not OLD. 41 to me is not old anymore I don't even consider 60 old anymore. So there - pft. I just def. need to start reading up on some of the stuff you can do to make the "change" minor. Suzanne Somers here I come!

Yesterday was just as busy. I am having some minor work done to the house - good bye 70"s porn doors and hello new, sleek and contemporary closets. They look fabulous and just a small minor change can make the rooms look so much better and larger.  I then went crazy grocery shopping at Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods) with my neighbor and friend Special K. She is due to have a little bambino very shortly. Can't wait LDG might have a future hubby - already a Cougar

I went to the gym this am but I just could not muster the strength to work out. I am suffering some major allergies today - it is pollen city here,  never suffered from allergies until I moved to tree, flower, grass and other nature stuff central.  Damn

I decided today to chill out and enjoy the beautiful hot weather with my little one. I set up her little pool all her water toys and we are going to chill out.... I have never noticed how I am always on the go today we are relaxing....Ooops have to be going now. LDG just got up from her nap and she is walling for me.  Have a good day all!

Almost forgot another 2.6 pounds lost this week......YEAH

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