Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chillin' Hef style

On my bed as I have for the last 2 days - closer to the bathroom since I have been making mad dashes to the porcelain God every 5 minutes. Whatever little germy virus attacked LDG's system has now invaded my body and it is not fun. I am suffering nut balls I can not imagine what my little one had to go through the last few days. This virus came in without a knock and it has kicked our ass big time. My super sensational hubby has been taking care of us the last 2 days because we have been unable to take care of ourselves. LDG was taken to the dr.yesterday because she was so lethargic and did not look very good my hubby had to take her because I was so ill - my stomach is making such weird noises that I am convinced their will be an alien coming out it any second.

Dr.determined that she was a little dehydrated and she needed electrolytes back into her body she was given pedialite through a syringe every 15 minutes for an hour. She finally got some color back and was able to come home. She slept most of the day but she definitely got better with the day she got her color back into her cheeks and the best thing is she gave me a big toothless smile a sign that she was feeling better. I on the-other hand feel and look like baby vomit and I hate being sick when the weather outside is super fantastic! However with this lovely stomach bug I have lost a few more pounds....great diet

I am stuck in the house today I hope to get better by tomorrow. So far I have watched the movie Roomate (basically single white female with bad actresses) I am now tuned into Less Than Zero which make me miss the 80's and James Spader.......

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