Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Real Housewives of Orange Bull Shit....

So I finally caught the 2nd episode of RHOOC last night - why is it that every time I watch that show I am reminded of the time my husband and I got peppered sprayed by a couple of drag queens{more on that later folks} some of those chicks need to ease up on the Botox, they are all beginning to look like wax mannequins, I guess that is the look in the OC.

Gretchen OH you slay me -  love her,  she is funny and I like that in this season she is not taking any crap from evil Tamra. She needs to ease up on Slade though she was a little over critical about his weight this episode.

Mommy of the year went to Tamra - that was awesome that you televised your lovely tub sexapade with your new man - for all your friends, ex husband and CHILDREN to see  - good job there girl! One more thing checked off of my list of dislike for you.  By the way honey ease up on the botox your beginning to look like one of the puppets from the 1989 Puppet Master Movies.

Tamra Barney in about 5 years
New chick Fernanda seems cool they did not show enough of her to really get any kind of vibe from her. Vicky annoying as usual - I am one high strung broad but that woman is on a whole another level. However I have to give it to her,  woman works hard for her money, brings the bacon home and fries it in the pan. If I worked for her though I would have to hit myself on the head with a hammer on a daily basis.

Alexis she is just there - nothing much to say about her except she has to have the PATIENCE of a Saint to deal with that friggin baby husband of hers.

Peggy OMG I can't even come up with a word for her  - I love how she is like "I don't believe in antibiotics and vaccinating my children I am all  about natural remedies and healing -  blah blah blah BUT she is OK with fake boobs, botox, lip injections and obvious fillers in her check  - YEAH that is NATURAL for you. If she gets to close to the sun she will melt.

I'm meeelllting
This season is going to be a good one I can just tell. There is so much tension and I am loving every minute of it!!!! Better than the awful cast of RHOM. It is hard to believe but I have nothing to say about this cast they're that boring.


Jamie said...

I will admit I've never seen a real housewives of anywhere episode. You've just reminded me why! Ha! Their poor kids, seriously!

Your site is purty!! Thanks for linking up with us!!

Michael Ann said...

Oh, I remember this episode! Where Gretchen was so hard on Slade about calling him "chubby wubby." THAT was annoying. I think this was the very last episode I ever watched as a matter of fact. I watched the first few seasons, skipped some here and there, and then just stopped. The cat fights were just getting too much without any of the good REAL life stuff ya know? Tamra is horrible! She is so quick to point out what other people are doing wrong but won't look at her own shit. She is messed up.

LOVE the photo of future Tamra. It really DOES look like her!!!

So fun to read this oldie but goodie. Glad you linked up!

Mommy2¢ said...

DUDE! I freakin love RHOOC! They all get on my effn nerves. Vicki is an attention seeking whine-bag, Tamera's a dried up crusty cougar who needs to act her age, Gretchen (in my opinion) was an over the top diva trying to make up for being a former door mat (Slade's a pathetic joke and always has been... even when he was dating Jo and had a job), Alexis makes me want to stab myself in the face, and that new gal is a total turd. Wait... why do I watch this crap again??? Do you watch RHONJ and RHOBH?

Thanks for linking up for Ghosts of Blogging Past! :)

A Morning Grouch said...

I pretty much think of all those chicks are insane, but for some reason I can't stop watching that damn show! My husband watches it with me. I like to think it makes me look like a much more reasonable wife.

Stopping by from #bloggy past!

Mommy Bags said...

I swear it is so funny reading this post now and watching the show and seeing were everyone is now. Scary I heard Season 7 is coming I do not know if I will be watching I cannot stand Tamra and the rest of the gang either they all go on my damn nerves last season

Feeling the love......