Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Man or Little Lady...Woo what a day

Today has been pretty hectic. My lovely sister in law is prego with her 2nd little one and her water broke last night at around 9:00 and the little rug rat has yet to make his GRAND ENTRANCE!
She is going to have to drink some Castor oil in order to move things along. My SIL is going the natural route water, tub the whole nine yards - hey good for her!  Any woman who can go through up teen hours of hellish pain  without any type of meds is one tough ass broad.

I on the other hand rode the pain medication train all the way. Needle, drugs whatever it took.  It's not like they hand you a million dollar check and a fabulous new handbag after going through soo much stress,pain and torture...Now if they gave away handbags after labor I  would have probably gone the "naturale route" - J/K

I had to end up having an emergency C section because my little one was shoved in a weird place in my belly and her heart beat was coming up very low anytime I had a contraction. So whatever you believe in and are going through at that moment  - does not matter anymore,  it is all about the health of your baby.
My motherhood gene kicked in at that very moment.

I also have the patience of a guppy fish and was over waiting - I just wanted her out so I could finally meet who had given me months of morning sickness and huge ice cream cravings.

So today has been a waiting game I cannot wait to meet the new member of our family....the suspense is killing me  - little man or little lady? We hope to find out soon


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