Thursday, March 24, 2011

The hell which is the...

Teething baby and Season finale of New Jersey Shore - AHHHHHH

My "little drama G" has some more teeth coming and it has made for a long night and part of the morning.  I feel helpless I can't seem to make her pain go away.

{anyone out there have any sure fire remedies let me know}.

I gave her some homeopathic tablets- they do not due much, teething gel -been there done that. I have tried every teething ring known to man - I am at the point of taking some brandy and swiping some of the lovely liquid on her gums - that is what my nonna {grandma in Italian} did with us and we all turned out fine. We twitch here and there and some of us have diarrhea of the mouth but we can't blame that on nonna...or can we??????
I say this, because in general when I am talking to most other mothers - they immediately freak out when I mention the brandy thing.  People RELAX! I am not handing her the bottle and the car keys.  I think we are a little overly cautious now a days.  We try to keep these kids in a bubble and super sanitize them. Kids need a little dirt,  it helps build up their immune system. Get out there,  get a little dirty! Just clean up the dirty green snot - no need to see that!

Happy Thursday!

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