Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My oh my...

Today is going to be a beautiful day and  it will only turn ugly if my weigh in at weight watchers does not go well, but I have a feeling it will be OK - Thank you to the cold from hell I have not had much of an appetite!

I do not care how bad I look or feel I am heading outdoors - weather forecast in the Marin bubble a lovely 75 degrees and I am happy NO RAIN.  It is hard to believe that a few years ago I did not leave the house until dusk - and hated the sun! I wore black 24/7 {OK that hasn't changed} and partied all night at clubs....I swore never to leave my beautiful SF but now I find myself living in the "burbs", hanging out at the park with "Little Drama G" and just living allot more mellow life.  Do I miss the partying days hanging out every weekend -  sometimes - but when you break it all down it was getting old -  besides I am living allot healthier lifestyle. Calm and drama free that is for sure.

During our hard core party days it seemed that every weekend someone ended up fighting,cheating or being a really shitty friend. As I look back now,  you realize that the group of peeps you hung around{most} with were just "acquaintances" and now I know who my REAL friends are- the real ones were around when my mom was diagnosed and passed away of lung cancer, when I got prego at 40 and gave birth to my little one, when I just needed someone to talk to - the others all disappeared -  cuz the fun times and free ride were over. I would rather have a handful of super great friends than an army of so/so people.

Once in awhile I run into some of those "so called friends"  in our old "stomping" grounds and quite frankly the ones that still "party like rock stars" look like shit....  Reel in the party gang.... your all beginning to look like Keith Richards on a good day.

Happy Hump Day!

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