Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday...

Good Morning,
Monday and it looks pretty good out there weather wise. Hopefully it will stay this way. California/North Bay has been hit by some major rainstorms in the last few days. Thunder, lightening and hail....Sometimes I wonder if that movie 2012 was right on target with all the weird shit that has been going on with Mother Nature. Personally I think she is a little pissed off right now.

Getting myself and "little drama G" ready for the gym. The torture chamber I voluntarily joined has this great day care center.  It allows me get in a work out and an hour to myself before the madness begins.
I joined Weight Watchers last week (Wed) and I am doing fairly well.... so far - I am a snacker.....and I am missing me chips, I think it is because it replaced my awful cigarette habit - which I am proud to have kicked..I won't lie though when I do have my occasional RARE glass of wine as of late - I do have a few cigs...Hey don't hate...with the amount I used to smoke this is a HUGE accomplishment for moi.

Anyways...I have my first weigh in this coming Wed..I kinda of cheated and got on the scale this am to see if anything has happened...and it did I actually lost 5 pounds, sooooo I am super excited and motivated. Now, let's just hope the scale that I have is not fucked up and I gained 5

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