Friday, March 25, 2011

OK... really now... are you &87?#$$^& kidding me

Do I really have to start keeping an eye on my trash?/! Let me explain.  I live on a quite cul de sac of  nice town homes amongst the trees in lovely Marin - I have deer prancing through the green hills, I have a family of turkeys cross the street and the same lone coyote who greets us with a "whatever" shrug every morning. Our collection of town houses all share the same cute little cottage were I dump our garbage/recycling and collect mail.

Among all of this loveliness and peacefulness we have the "GARBAGE NAZI" and she is driving me bat shit crazy. How can you feel uncomfortable getting rid of your own debris?

The other day  while I was out running errands my poor little golden retriever Coco had some stomach issues - enough said. I rolled away the fowl smelling entry way carpet, placed it in a garbage bag and brought it out to the dumpster. That very same afternoon I went to collect the mail and what was out of the bag and in the corner of the cottage,  but my lovely carpet. She actually went through the dumpster, untied my triple knotted garbage bag and took out the nasty carpet. 

Ewwwwwww....I hope she liked the creamy goodness surprise she found in the middle.

She is a lovely person but this has been happening allot.  Sometimes when I go dump the trash she is in there... in the dark.... rummaging through stuff - I find that JUST A LITTLE CREEPY?  I want to say something but I feel it will go in one ear out the other.

So this is what I did the other day - I received a box from UPS. Inside the box was a broken candy jar - {Thumbs up UPS} taped below note on box and left it by the dumpster.
I guess she got the message,she has not looked my direction since then... OOPS.....

P.S. By the way Jersey Shore Finale totally sane and kind of boring - what happened to my fist pumping drama kings and queens?

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