Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Might be to much

Not quite here but this is what I get to look forward to
TMI for some people so if women's "stuff" bugs you move on. Now I know it was bound to happen I am after all 43 and no matter how young you might feel and think you may look sometimes your body has other plans for you and you are SOL. Based on the long list I just checked off a few minutes ago and the way my body has been acting weird and what I feel like. I have been on a PMS roller coaster for 3 weeks now it might be a possibility that I MIGHT have started the peri menopausal bitch ride and I am f*ckin freaking OUT!  Being a woman has many wonderful qualities this is one of the definite cons.

Now I am to the T kind of girl with my monthly always have been the only other time that I have been late is when I found out I was pregnant with GG. Now I know I am not preggo because let's just say I know. I have been going through some weird things like being slightly above temperature at times*I have already purchased ice packs that I keep in the freezer for moments like this* , I am prone to anxiety but the last few months it has been crazy even with me working out. Super tired, irritable, moody as hell and just not feeling like myself. I work out, I am eating right but I believe that it is time to overall everything in my life which means following a very strict food intake that is supposed to help with symptoms of this peri menopausal shit.   I have already started adding Chia and Flax seed to most of my foods for an extra boost.

Mind you while I am going through all of this I am trying to keep my shit together because I have a little girl to raise and I do not want her to see me go through The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Show so my bathroom has become my new sanctuary  to bring myself back down to planet earth.  I started reading this book about 6 months ago and I really hope it helps me get through this little phase without killing someone. I also need to sit my poor husband down here in a bit to explain all this fun crap. He is going to have to hear it from me that is somewhat "normal" wifey is going to be turning into the werewolf with spouting fangs whenever the hormones decide to take my body for a joy ride. Where the hell did I sign up for this? I mean I did not think it would the PRE would start this early but after reading a bunch of info on line I am at the "date". I don't know how to deal with this I am such a control freak that something that is so going to be probably so out of wacko is going to make me loopy.  I am sharing this with you all because when I started this blog I promised to be 100 percent honest and me.....And I also love the many awesome comments of reassurance that I receive when I blog about something so personal. I am not scared of this I am scared of the unknown and this is a def. unknown. Augh WTF.....Any advice and home remedies to make this process a little less annoying will be appreciated!

PS- to all the youngish peeps that are snickering.... You too one day will get older and you too will go through the very same exact process...Remember


Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

I don't have to go through menopause to experience the "dwarves" I get that for a whole week once a month. Sometimes being a woman is a bitch.

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Okay, don't go all "Suzanne Somers" on us, but you going through menopause will be killer awesome for all your followers since it will make for even more honest, raw, and an over load of bitchy posts that we love! Yeah us!

menopausal mama said...

Oh hell with the name of my blog you KNOW I get this post! Menopause is a friggin' roller coaster, I'm sorry to say. I became a hot flashing, always- hungry, moody, I'm-going-to-kill-someone-bitch all wrapped into one menopausal mess. Prozac is what saved my ass! Sounds like you might be peri-menopausal--but hopefully you'll go through the stages faster than I did. I know some women who had their period then it just stopped suddenly and that was it for them---no side effects....and I f***ing wanted to kill them because I have been going through this for 4 years. Gah! I'll keep my fingers crossed that yours will be a speedy adventure. Btw, your blog is kick-ass so I just joined up on your GFC.

Kerry said...

Hahaha I agree with Sarah, it's a bitch at times being a woman!! Oh you poor thing, I can only imagine and as if having your menstrual cycle all these years wasn't enough to go through, now this!?
I didn't snicker, I am younger than you but not that much and I dread what you are talking about!!!

Susan said...

Sometimes I think I'm going through pre pre because I have weird shit going on. I have no advice but bitch away! I'll totally feel your pain and tell you that we love ya!

Feeling the love......