Saturday, August 25, 2012

WTF Friday......

Vacation edition and yeah I know I am a day late.....Hello my fellow bloggy friends hope everyone had an awesome week. Ours was OK trying to get back into the groove and nothing screws it up then coming home with a friggin cold from hell which seems to be our families calling card EVERYtime we come back from our travels. I know I have been lagging on the WTF Friday but sometime life gets in the way and we have to roll with the punches. While on our mini vacation I saw quite a bit of shit that made me go mmmmmm.  So without further adieu here we go.......

  •  No offense people but I made sure that my daughter was fully swim diapered out while I placed her in the damn pool can you please make sure your kids are because the last thing I feel like doing is dealing with a crap explosion that is not my own daughter's. I know that swim diapers are not big in Europe but your naked baby in a public pool is NOT OK I do not care that he was a newborn they have NO control on their bodily functions. 
BTW this I Play Diaper does not work at all
story on that later
  • When my daughter who is just learning to swim BTW is in the pool doing her thing can you please try and get your older boy not to cannon ball on top of her while she is doing so.....that would be AWEsome I know that you were busy checking your phone for the umpteen time but my daughter drowning  would have resulted in your ass being kicked - H.A.R.D

  • Why do people with less than stellar bodies feel the need to show us their dimpled ass in a thong. Who the f*ck wears a thong anymore and at a resort with kids and people trying to enjoy their aperitifs? This is not the French Riviera cover that shit up in front of the kiddos. 

  • How the HELL do you run out of Pinot Grigio in the middle of the wine country.....Yep this happened to me yep it did.......HOW? 
  • People need to get sticks out of their asses and get some sense of humors. Life is too short to go around with a frown on your face all the time. Frowning cause wrinkles ladies.....
  • Please parents do not allow your boy toddlers to take down their pants flash their stick and berries to everyone at the pool then proceed to take a piss in the bushes by the resort. I was dumbfounded by this I would have gotten to my child before the stick was even revealed. I know parents are on vacation but could you please parent your children when out in public. 

  • To the nasty, rude ass and just asshole woman at the restaurant that spoke to the waiter like he was less than human.  Karma is a bitch girl and it will come back to you. Have you ever worked in the service industry it is hard work and having to deal with shit hole customers like you make it even worse. I am a firm believer of  never f*ck with anyone who serves you your food.  Get it???
Spit loogy with your salad 
  • This has nothing to do with vacation but as much as a reality show whore I am I am soooo disappointed in TLC but should it is not a shocker since this is the same channel that brings up Toddlers and Tiaras but WTF is this Honey Boo Boo child I keep hearing about? I have watched clips online and I am...I can't even drum up words to describe this awful awful show. I feel bad for the little one because she has no idea what she is doing it should be up to her parents to guide her but with a couple of buffoonish like parents I feel that this child is going to be exploited and tossed aside like yesterday's garbage.  People are not laughing with you they are laughing at you. Such a sad show. 


joeh said...

Yes to everything.. a special shout out at people who treat waiters like shit,

"You want buggers with that?"

!00% on Honey Boo Boo, I draw my reality TV line in the sand on this one...Though I am really tempted to cheat and watch just one I will stand firm...maybe...just to the first commercial?...NO... I will not watch it...except maybe for blog material only.

Andrea said...

Oh my 12 and 15 year olds made sure to watch all of the available Honey Boo-Boo that was on demand. I am not sure what the appeal to them is, but am pretty sure it is more the mother...and she may or may not know better that she is making her family a laughing stock! Ouch!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

How in the hell does wine country run out of Pinot Grigio...Really?!
I cannot stand when I hear people talk rude to servers or cashiers. And that;s so true....Don't f@#k with people who serve food:)
I have never seen the Honey boo boo show but have heard lots about it and I don't get it. I did see a preview for it and was like WTF?! this is what everyone is talking about?! Thankfully neither of my sons have whipped out their sticks in public but they have done it in the front yard....whoopsie!

KERRY said...

I haven't heard of that show thank god :)
Ahhh I just frikkin' love you!!! These posts make me smile, and I smiled big when you said you would need to kick some kids ass if they jumped on your daughter in the pool hehehe AND is that pic for real? Seriously!!!! No-one is THAT comfortable they could parade a g-string with a butt like that sorry lol

Feeling the love......