Friday, July 27, 2012

WTF Friday...Special it is Friday and it appears that I don't have munch to say...You..mean...little ol me has nothing to say...Damn skippy you know why because last night I did this to my arm and this morning all thought and ideas were removed from my brain cuz of the pain. How did my clutz ass do this?  I thought it would be super fun to carry two scalding cups of tea and other shit under my arms. One of the dogs cut me off {always a traffic jam at my house}  and in order to avoid the damn dog my arm met the scalding hot tea instead.  It friggin hurt like hell and I am still in pain this morning. Thank God for aloe. 
Awesome right!?! So much worse this morning 
On a nother' note.......My eyes.... I have been blinded by some of the ugliest clothing selections made by Mr. Bieber.  MY GAWD...does this little boy not have a stylist? If not please someone get him on STAT because he needs some 911 help...Hello Selena could you please do something? It's bad enough that we have to be subjected to his "music" but now we have to be hit by his bad fashion sense. I mean this is really sad so I decided to post some WTF pics of Bieber and his shitty clothes.
We were first subjected to this weird ass haircut
this is basically the bowl haircut with layers. 

All I can say is Jesus - WTF is this mess and Bieber can you
pleassse stop touching your crotc
h you are not Tupac
Nope..not an ounce of sexy in this little man at all 

Man how old are you? This s something my grandfather
would have worn in the morning to go outside and get his paper  or hunt

No actually my grandfather had better taste
Xmas has come early......really wtf 

I am off to soak my arm in more aloe..............Happy Friday!


joeh said...

I don't have much to say so I am not going to comment. I don't want to seem like a stalker....wait does this non comment count as a comment?

Michael Ann said...

I do not find boys who look like girls to be sexy at all. Totally agree about his clothing choices! So sorry about your arm! Aloe is a Godsend, I agree.

Andrea said...

I don't care how much those clothes cost him, still u-g-l-y!!! Yeowch to your arm, lady!

ana said...

Ouch! Hope your arm feels better! Oh Bieber fever... I feel sick

Mrs. Tuna said...

Sadly, I think I had that same xmas sweater. Like 20 years ago. Maybe he bought it at goodwill?

Mommy Does Everything said...

Hope your doing better !!! And really wtf with him !?? What do these girls see in this nerd lol

KERRY said...

Hope your arm gets better soon, that woulda hurt for sure :(
Yeah some crazy fashion there, of all the nice clothes that are available to someone with money too...

Feeling the love......