Monday, July 9, 2012

16 reason why.....

I am once again to old for this shit! As the summer season bring longer days, nicer weather, many get together's, parties and BBQ's which MeAnS too many adult beverages present that have wormed their way into my body in the last month...Damn you Pinot Grigio.  Yesterday we met up with the old gang for our old hood in the city where we used to party like rock stars and WE really partied like rock stars...We traveled in limos, we never waited in line at shows/clubs, we knew many bouncers/bartenders/owner of restaurants through this whole awesome gem of a city. So yesterday we all got together for brunch and day drunk activities.  It was a good ass time but once again I felt a little like donkey vomit on Sunday and a little worn out and old today. I have yet to learn the lesson that I am not in the age range of  26 - 36 anymore and drinking even in limited quantities makes me feel like shit.  But you know what with all our busy lives we don't get together all that munch anymore {it took us 3 months} to get all our schedules in sync for this day...We did it so we were going to have some fun and as anyone out there with children know you don't get out very often so when you do you do it right.  We had a really good time,  it was awesome to see everyone and to reconnect with people who were there when you needed a shoulder to cry on and going through some tough times. These are the friends that held on and you saw clearly once all the other BS/partying  fog cleared up. Tuesday I start my 30 day cleanse so this was my buh buh to vino{again} for a month...I will be doing it in month to month increments so not to set myself up for failure if I have a glass of wine here and there after the month is up. 

So yesterday as I was playing with GG in her play room and taking all batteries out of the musical toys I came up with this list of 15 reason why I am getting to old for this shit.

  • Woke up this morning looked in the mirror and almost screamed I looked that scary I did not bother to look in the mirror on Sunday
  • The worst acid reflex EVER 
  • Woke up with the worst headache even after I hydrated and took an aspirin the night before 
  • It will take me 3 days to feel "normal" again 
  • Dead skunk has died and now lives in my mouth
  • My lungs feel like crap... because YES I toked some cigs...don't wanna hear it,  I f8cked up and I own it. 
  • Every part of my body is cracking and crunching because my dumb ass wore 5 inch awesome wedgies to pub crawl
  • Zero patience when it comes to waiting for young folk to make their decision on what fruity drink they are ordering in a dive bar...really this is not the Bahamas no blender drinks allowed
  • Friend ended up with chip bowl in her purse and she has no idea how it got there
  • The roller coaster hang over minute we are good the next minute not so much 
  • The 7 layers of guilt trip I put through myself because I had a few cigs, the crap I ate, how much wine I drank and because I did not work out.
  • Toddler
  • Gross I know TMI but I live in the bathroom because of all the crap I ate the day after, my body is not used to it
  • Caring to much on how the drunk pictures look because god forbid you look like shit when they are posted on FB
  • The smell of someone having a shot of tequila near you{hubby} is enough to make you want to hurl 
  • Just friggin feeling T-I-R-E-D 
Today I will be catching up on paper work, getting the menu/organizing the rest of the week and hanging out with GG. Having some work done to the house so their will be some hammering here in about an hour...yeah....Have a happy Monday!


Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Glad you got to let loose and party a little even if you had to pay for it, its okay every big once in awhile. i havent had a night like that in over a year but I can feel one coming SOON!!! Nothing worse than feeling like shit the next!!!

Jo said...

I've got to see those drunken pictures. Post them!! :)

Jo said...


Mommy Does Everything said...

I learned that taking a b12 vitamin before you go out drinking ( or out at all in our case lol ) and in the morning ! It really works did it last weekend for a friends wedding where I had one too many and the cigs too !! Oh well when you drink you need one or two or three lol :)

Ronni said...

OK but you had fun right? So it was worth it! :)

I hope you feel better soon, though. Sometimes you have to let go and consequences be damned.

Knocked Up in Bama said...

Ah those days...We're still cool! We can still party! Whoo hoo!!

Until the next day and reality bitch slaps you with your age X the feeling of death. It's worth it it a cool chip bowl?

Angela said...

I laughed my ASS off listening to Meredith retell the story. I remember the days of your hubby yelling SHOTS!!!!! And, shit...I'm dead, lol. I can't hang like that anymore...eeesh. Good on you for letting loose! I love it. I live vicariously through you guys now. Thanks for takin one for the team ;) I also heard what happened to the hubby at the house. Ooopsie ;) Ker thud.

becca said...

at least you had fun

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Girrrl, it's like the pain of childbirth. You swear you'll never do it again, and then ba-bam! You are right back at the bar double fisting.

KERRY said...

You are too funny!! I loved reading your list of reasons, and there are some really awesome reasons in there lol but you'll do it again hahaha
Oh and I am still in that age range (for one more year lol) and I do not pull up well the next day either!!
And like you need that hammering to start up with a hangover!!

Mommy Bags said...

Yep hubby fell and went boom but that is what happens when someone kept yelling SHOTS I keep away from shots the smell of the tequila just made me sick

Feeling the love......