Friday, July 20, 2012

WTF Friday......

Ciao my lovely ladies and gents hope you have had an awesome week and looking forward to the weekend coming up.....I know I am....This week as usual as been super packed and busy which I love. I have started to organize, streamline and get rid of junk that we no longer need.  GG is getting pretty social quick and I have so many birthdays coming up it is not even funny. I am feeling some pain right now the day before yesterday I took my work out a little to far and since my tired ol body is in the cruising 40's and not the snap back 20's I am feeling it like a MoFo. I felt like I twisted something in my lower back and like a dumb ass I kept on going.  Today I am walking like the hunchback of Notre Dame we are taking it easy so I can get back into the gym on Saturday. 

  • The other day I watched a woman {in the gym mirror} work out the full 45 minutes with her sunglasses on..WTF is that? Or this another one that happens in my area allot who the hell comes to work out and carries this $5,000 plus handbag with them to the gym?  I am good with being a label whore if you can afford it go for it.......but damn leave the Hermes bag at home when going into an area where all you do is sweat. 
  • When I hear this it drives me insane.."I wanted to have a baby young in order to get it over with." A baby is a miracle not some shake and bake quick option to check of  your to do list. Think about what you say before you say it. This just makes you sound simple. 

  • People are always and I means ALWAYS late....and the topper they never apologize for being late or think they have done nothing wrong. Assholes!
  • Fake people who don't keep it real and feel the need to haze us over with everything is always perfect, awesome and S-U-P-E-R! 
  • So it took me some time but I finally found a work out jacket that fit around my tits{when fully zipped up} and mine are not that big. HELLO work out clothes manufacturers please make work out jackets for girls who have a bigger boob area. I don't know if you think only super skinny people work out but we tall not uber skinny bitches do to. 
  • Peeps time to get off Ashton Kutchers ass...Yes what he did was wrong however it takes two to tango and based on many reports Demi is not very stable woman and very insecure. Imagine having to be around that all the time. All 3 of her daughters just had a restraining order placed against their mother so their is def. a whole lotta shit we don't know...if that's possible. I am glad he is with Mila she seems allot more laid back. 
  • WTF man you can get an app for anything...I just downloaded one {TMI here} that keeps track of the my aunt flo's visits. How holy awesome it that!?!
  • Their is something wrong with me when I flip out because the toilet paper is under and not over{which to me is the right way}.
  • Unless you are a real life crowned princess no adult woman should EVER sport a tiara. Sorry but you just look like an idiot!

  • Is it just me or does my new Buddha painting above my bed looks like it's flipping me off....Mmmm so much for spiritual enlightenment
Happy Friday....


MamaBear13 said...

I love these posts. And I usually agree totally, but today I agree so wholeheartedly with everything, that I thought I'd say so haha.

joeh said...

Yes to everything except the late thing because sometimes I am a l i t t l e late.

Tp ALWAYS over the roll otherwise it might hit the wass...eww

The budda is funny as ****


joeh said...


Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

But of course Darling... TP OVER not under! lol Smooches my Dear Friend and have a Cups Up! kind of weekend... xoxo

KERRY said...

Hahaha yes to the picture!!
I love your WTF posts, and I am sorry but I always have my paper under lol
Ashton is dating Mila? Best get me some tacky gossip mags to catch up on the news!!
Have a great week :)

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

lol....yes to your new picture.
and yes our toilet paper must be that way too....actually yes to everything!!!!!

Mommy Does Everything said...

Lmao that Buddha is hysterical !!

Feeling the love......