Friday, July 6, 2012

WTF Friday...

well it has been a couple weeks since my last WTF Friday and for that I am sorry but I am going back and forth if I want to continue this lovely weekly or lately bi weekly thingy. I am getting some good feed back but not enough to keep this going every week.  So what do you think keep or let it go? 

  • WTF is up with these new daisy dukes now I am not bashing my fellow chica's that can rock them however when you spend most of your time picking your ass because your "shorts" have now become denim underwear the damn things are too  short. BTW some of the people wearing this awful trend should not be wearing it get my drift. 

  • And while we are on the subject...Lycra is a privilege NOT a right. Can you tell that I attended  a local fair this past weekend. Some of the shit that people leave the house in scares the crap out of me. Just because it is hot does not mean I want to see all your goodies and no offense their are some people that need to keep their goodies on the totally clothed. People...mirrors please. 
  • OK I think I am blessed with the damn I am one clumsy ass bitch gene.  For the 3rd week in a row I have dropped something in the grocery store parking lot...the item of choice this week whole six pack of diet Snapple....DAMN last week it was a gallon of milk
  • Welcome back Katie we have missed you so glad that the mother ship finally dropped you Armani and Hermes is worth not living your own life and thinking with your own brain. WTF took you so long?
  • WTF people can you please leave poor Jessica Simpson the f8ck alone. The poor woman just had a damn baby....and who says that you need to lose the baby weight right away. Not all women are like that freak Victoria Beckham and Bethany Frankel. It takes time to lose the damn baby weight. She is doing the most important thing and that s bonding and taking care of her baby. Get off her damn back you vultures. 
  • Duhhhhh their goes my last remaining brain cells for the week -  Teresa from RHONJ {shocker}. "I don't know if Jacqueline is crazy if Jacqueline is psycho. She is like Heckyll and Jyde." Help me .....*banging head on table*
Ahhhh duhhhhh
  • OK I am now convinced that some mommies have gone completely insane who the hell does shit like this.  Mom is AZ accused of giving her 2 year beer in a sippy cup.....ThAnKs MoM you are so cooool. 
  • I would love to know where the f8ck these people get money for this much plastic surgery. I mean this  has become such a phenomena everyone seems to be getting something done. What amazes me is that some of these folks do not have enough money to pay their bills yet they have money for boobs. Unreal.  Boobies
TaDa mother of the year.....
  • Yo why is it when I am always in a super rush my ass gets every single damn red light. 
  • WTF people it is called D-E-O-D-E-R-A-N-T get it....this is for the patchouli oil wearing hippy in front of me who smelled like a dirty onion it was awful....dude they make organic non toxic deodorant try it or hey  about you take a damn shower. 


joeh said...

U need to do your WTF weekly!

Heckle and Jyde? If u missed that one I would have been truly dissapointed!


Mommy Does Everything said...

You have to keep these !!! I love them and agree on all of it ! Teresa is a ditz and wtf with her hubby what an ape lol also agree with poor Jessica Simpson she has a real womans body give her a damn break no one looks like you did in there 20s ESPECIALLY after giving birth !!!

becca said...

great post loved it

Andrea said...

I need these bits of loveliness to remind me that I am not completely bat sh*t crazy!!!!

KERRY said...

I like your WTF posts because it gives me my celebrity updates and news updates all in one ;)
Yes Tom & Katie, I never saw it coming but they sure were a weird match!
God damn those shorts are disgusting on that woman, each to their own until others have to look at it I say!
Beer in a sippy? What mother in their right mind would do such a thing - disgusting, the child should be taken off her and given to a loving family!!
You say what we're thinking, keep it up!!

Katie Norris said...

Well...I have to say that I'm sure this is a lot of worth it, BUT YOU SHOULD TOTALLY KEEP DOING IT!! I seriously get some of my news from you! Plus, you're so dang funny...Heckell and Jyde...I wonder if she went to high school...thoughts??? I'm thinking no. Keep up the good work my dear!!

Ronni said...

I remember in college, I was in math class, which I already hated. The TA put a 3 on the board and called it a 7, and the guy in front of me smell like straight up ass and onions. I wanted to CRY. Worst class of my life.

Feeling the love......