Monday, March 25, 2013

Why Kim K.....

Can I ask WHERE the f*ck she is going. Is it necessary
to wear a club slut mini with high heels to get gas?
should not be allowed to breed. For the last few months via ALL types of press from Us Weekly to CNN we have been bombarded with the freak of media nature we like to call in this house Kim Kardajunk.  I have grown so tired of her overly jacked up fish lips and pregnancy already that I am about to barf. Everywhere you turn there she is like a tick who refuses to leave your dogs back sucking at the tit. Now I know your probably are saying why are you posting something about her....Well because I can and if I don't my head is going to explode. It is hard to avoid when she is all ova' the place. I also personally believe that she got pregnant to make her likability rating go up. I believe that after her scam marriage she needed a little boost...It might sound harsh but I would put nothing past this person to do what need to be in order to stay relevant  You know it is bad when your husband comes home and he says something about it because he read it on one of his "serious" news sites. You know what I am tired of more than anything is her complaining about being pregnant.....You know what you selfish cow you know how many women out there would give their eye teeth to become and be pregnant look at your sister Khloe. I have had friends go through many painful and hard processes in order just to conceive a child and you have been bitching about since you got preggo.  Because you are selfish...Let's take a look at what you have been bitching about for the last 5 months

  • She cannot fit into her high fashion clothing .Waaahhhhhhhh..... Really is that what you have to bitch about... remember darling your high fashion shit is going to be a problem soon when you baby is spitting up, shitting and peeing all over you. I believe a 4,000 blazer might be a little much...Or you can just go the Beyonce route and have an army of nannies take care of your child. I have not seen Beyonce so much hold her baby since she had her...Have you? You might want to head over to Jennifer Gardner's and Reese Witherspoons and your sister for that matter and get a little help with parenting 101 they seem to now it is done fo reals. They now how it is done...Child comes first they come second. That just might be a struggle for you. BTW with the money that you make you could hire someone to make you some awesome ass maternity clothes so STFU and consider how lucky you are and stop trying to stuff your body in too tight clothes. Girl stop just stop...go out and get yourself some pregnancy maxis and some cute shifts with some cute spring sandals. Stop trying to be sexy while pregnant the two do not go hand and hand. 

  • I am getting fat...your not fat you TWIT you are pregnant and that is what happens to the female body when this happens  WTF did your think was going to happen? Your body was going to stay the same. You also happen to have the I am not that tall gene so whatever you put in your mouth ends up on your ass. Don't worry I am sure your barracuda momager is working with WW and Jenny Craig at this moment to get you a nice 4.0 million dollar I lost the baby weigh in two weeks /Us Weekly exclusive contract. You and Jessica Simpson can compare notes. 
  • Wahhhhh number 2 being pregnant is SO HARD OMG WAHHHH what am I to do. ONCE again STFU yes being pregnant is hard and yes there are women out there who don't do the preggo thing well. Not everyone is a freak like Giselle BuTTchen pregnancy can be a PITA...You are lucky you have a team of people around you who can help. How about the poor moms out there who do it every day on their own without the resources you have.  Stop being a whining baby and grow some balls and do what you need to do to make this pregnancy good for you. GOD I hate people like you who want something and when they finally get it they bitch about it. You have enough money to sit your fat ass down and just enjoy being pregnant and enjoy the quite time before the true chaos begins.  
  • Now last time I checked having plastic surgery while pregnant is a big no no..I however noticed that your lips have become the same size as most blow up dolls...Once again we are selfish injecting what the hell what in your lips in order for the sake of vanity instead of thinking of your baby. Your lips are huge you look like you have something done so please get off the plumping lipstick BULL shit and I have never heard of pregnancy lips and if that is the case your only 5 months you do not begin to swell until the last month. She is beginning to look like OctoMom
  • Can we be any more desperate for attention can I ask WHO THE F*CK goes furniture shopping while pregnant in this outfit. Are you f*cking serious????  And if your man has a problem with the way your dressing while your pregnant that you should get your brain checked and you should kick him to the curb. Any man who gives you shit about your outfits while pregnant and unconformable  is not a man but a douche bag and you might just want to reconsider your relationship of vanity. 
  • Stop with the Instagramming Jesus woman can you just put down the social media for just a bit? I know that you are a media whore but give it a rest. Intagramming your own photos of 'skinny" Kim K is nauseating. People who post this many pics of themselves have other issues they need to take care of.  *Narcissist*
  • Quick side note......What happened to Mercy your cat...You gave her away before{claiming she was "allergic"} she passed away...I believe that you never loved that cat but you used her to get in sympathy with your public which by the way did not work. That poor cat was man handled left alone and not loved unless it was used for a photo op. I really do hope that you don't leave your child in a hotel room with a nanny while you parade around the world because once the baby is here you need to think about that little person entirely. 

See the problem with girls like Kim K is it is all about the looks...She is having a hard time accepting per pregnancy because people only know her as a sex pretty girl brand their is no substance behind all that smoke and mirrors. She is known for nothing else. She is so concerned that she will lose Kanye because she is growing big and to her not attractive that she will do anything to keep herself form fading into oblivion. I wish she just would embrace her pregnancy and enjoy the ride. I am sure being pregnant and being scrutinized by the press on a daily basis must suck but you know what lady you signed up for this shit. Be careful what you wish for becasue sometimes it can come back to bite you in the ass!

Woof now I feel better brain is so functioning at normal speed. I am sure their will be more to bitch about since we have another 4 months of this pregnancy shit. God help us!

Kim take a clue from a lady who has done it with all class


joeh said...

Damn girl, you got that out just in time before your head exploded!

ana said...

She is a circus all on her own... straight cray cray

Andrea said...

i live in a fairly kardash-free zone, so i could only skim lest my head explode!

Mariebop said...

I don't think getting pregnant with another man's baby while your divorce isn't final yet will improve anyone's likability. But I'm not judging. :P

Thankfully, I really don't follow her or her family that much. I occasionally watch the show because their stupidity is hilarious.

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

As far as I am concerned Kim has never dressed properly. Even not pregnant she did not wear clothes that flattered her shaper, but rather would skank it up. I hope she has a daughter, with a sex tape, with a 72 day marriage, and a whiney pregnancy with her boyfriend while still married to another man.... that'll give her something to really complain about! Just sayin'

Feeling the love......