Friday, April 27, 2012

At what age did.....

you feel your hottest? I know weird right but it was a thought that popped in my head last night while I was checking out my new People magazine - *nothing like some intellectual reading to get me through this snot wielding cold that I brought back from NCA*. The issues is all about the top beautiful people...shocker right Hollywood and hot people...who would have thunka?!?  Anyways as I noticed most of the ladies and gents on the list were over 30 and some of them in their 50's and let me tell you aging has sure changed from when my mom was "growing" older. I mean some of these bitches look hot at 53 and 61 it is shocking and let's not get started on the over 40 list......sorry but they put some of ladies on that list put the 20's dames to shame!  So I began thinking at what age did I feel I looked my best. Now don't get me wrong peeps I have not let myself go yes I am not as deathly skinny as I used to be nor I want to be.  I am also not smoking 2 packs of cigs a day drinking vast amounts of alcohol and coffee and not partying until dawn. Believe you me when you do this for a bit while your young but it will sooner or later catch up to you. I feel healthier and more confident about myself today than I have ever have.  Maybe because as you get older you care but you don't care as much as when your in your 20's and early 30's. I take care of my skin and myself so much that when I take a break from it I feel it all over my body/face/being.  I do however still go through some doubting moments of myself.. but then I brush myself say f*ck it!  I am 42 and look pretty damn good,  good enough that for some odd reason little boys toys  in their late 20's feel the need to try and pick up on me...must be the whole cougar fascination as of late...Grrrrrrr. I am also a big believer that you have to work on your inside as well as your out.  Yes I might be bitchier but believe you me I have gotten allot nicer and more calming in my 40's. YES...I have...... I swear!

I  felt my hottest age was 35.  For some reason that was my "it" age......How about you?

*Note WTF Friday will return to it's regularly scheduled slot next week. With the traveling and the sick GG it has been kinda of hard coming up with shit...But I have some doozies from last weeks travels. 



well actually I've never felt hot or pretty


It was 23 for me. I was in dance and gymnastics, I had a gorgeous tan and highlighted hair. I looked great. :)

Michael Ann

I'm too old to remember...

Mommy Bags

Dude ladies age is just a number.....

Katie Norris

Good for you!!! Can I say high school?? Jk really depends what imwearing :-). LOVE your attitude it's very inspiring!!


I'm going to say that I felt my hottest when I was 25... But coincidentally it was also my drunkest age haha. I'm hoping to have another "it" age in about.... Now ;)

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse

I will let you know in a few years:)) I turn 31 next month and don't think I have hit that age yet. ALthough 26 and 30 were pretty good for me but I know the best years are ahead of me.


At 13 I was Justin Beiber without the talent! Girls were calling every night. Man I was IT! It all went down hill from there. I was a cranky old man at 22.

Feeling the love......

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