Friday, April 13, 2012


my butt Friday and if this offends you then this is not the blog for you....Yeah yeah so I am extra spicy and bitchy this morning that is what happens when you have 0 brain power left and getting over some stupid dumb ass head cold. I have been so scattered and foggy that yesterday morning I got my what I like to call My What's the Point {decaf non fat latte 2 splenda's} placed it on top of the car roof and drove away. Yeah FML....But you know what I love it because it is part of my crazy ass everyday vita.  So let's get this weekend started right and rip into some fun stuff.

  • Why do women shave off their eyebrows only to draw them back on in some weird twisted way...I mean how the hell does someone have the time to do this everyone morning it makes no sense
  • Why are women labeled sluts and men studs when they do their thing and enjoy the S-E-X?
  • OK now Phildelphia Cream Cheese is being made in chocolate...OMG just shoot me now......Nutella now has a partner in crime
  • Today I almost dropped a bitch at the dollar store that made an under her breath {I heard you and you knew I did because you took off in the other direction when I shot you a look}comment on what my little GG was wearing {my daughter knows how to rock her wardrobe} this coming from a hoe that was dressed like she escaped some sort of dancing with the stars reject camp. You were also a 45 yr old woman why you felt the need to comment is beyond me.  You were lucky you caught me on a mellow day today my friend very lucky. 
  • Why is it then we you leave the house and you think you look fly,  you get to your destination and you look in some random mirror and your like wtf this is not working for me anymore.
  • Axl Rose you were the front man to an amazing group of musicians with your doucheness you ruined one of the best bands ever. You now are throwing the same BS that you did 20 plus yrs ago and refusing to be part of the RR hall of fame one of the top honors for musicians. Grow the f*ck up and stop being a total a**hole. 
  • Kim and Kayne who do you think spends more time in the mirror and which one is more annoying? Oh and by the way Kanye the shoes are UGLY you should be slapped upside your head with the 6K shoe

  • Is this is a generation thing or am I just over the top neat but has some of this generation of ladies become complete and utter slobs?  I have noticed some dirty bitches on some of these reality shows. If I was a man I would not even want to be with this type of woman.   Sorry their nothing nastier than a dirty female. Also the whole I don't cook, clean, do laundry take care of the house thing is getting old might sound old fashioned here but men actually appreciate a woman who knows how to do these things. How do people live like this?
  • Please please just go away... am sick of hearing about your post baby body {can you tell that this woman just rides my last nerve}. She looks great but sometimes to much is to much

  • So I am watching this really bad ass infomercial with the lovely hotness of Cindy Crawford and can this fine piece of ass get any hotter she is 42 and looks like she is the same woman she was 15 years ago. I have fallen in love all over again....She is why I moisturize every part of my body especially the face twice a day.
Happy Friday bitches!


joeh said...

I lost count this week, but pretty much YES to everything...except the moisturizing thing...I only do my face once a day.

Cranky Old Man

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Why did you have to tell me 'bout the cream cheese? And those shoes are fugleeeeeeee!

Michael Ann said...

Chocolate Cream Cheese? OMG!!!! I never knew. Wish I didn't.

Axl sentiments exactly. This is a classic example of Narcissism. It's all about ME and I'm going to cause drama and try to get attention wherever I go. So stupid.

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

I ask the SAME thing about eyebrows... WTHeck is that all about? Beyonce? She's not as hot as YOU... and those shoes!! FUGLY!!!! Have the best weekend Darling... xoxo

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Chocolate cream cheese, now we`re talkin`. Yeah baby!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Yeah I don't understand shaving the eyebrows either. I can understand if you just can't grow any hair but why shave them then draw freaking looking fake ones.
And yes Axl rose is a major douchbag:))

Andrea said...

Man, that is a lot of wtf! I saw an olde woman once who had draw her new eyebrows in about 3/4" higher than the stubbly ones that were growing back...hmmmmmm. Remember when celebrity drama used to be a fun departure from our own minutia, but now it is just too friggin annoying! I think the problem is that with 24/7 info, it has become actual's not!

Annie@Letters to Mo said...

Great...I finally decide to get my eating under control and now they make chocolate cream cheese? Finally! Those shoes are horrible. Why does "high fashion" have to be so ugly most of the time?

Feeling the love......