Friday, April 6, 2012

GG where are you?

As you can see from the title your usual WTF Friday is not going to happen today. Why you may ask... because yesterday I had the second coming of Sybil...That's right Sybil*.  Throughout the day GG went through 8 different personalities in a 6 hour period. I don't know what happened when the personalities decided to take over but yesterday had to be one of the most tiring days I have had in a long ass while. GG {personality 1}was fine from 7 until 10:30. When we were done with the errands I needed to get done we got home put on on our hiking boots to take dog 1 and 2 out for a hike. Personality 2 came out during the hike. Instead of me pushing her on her Kettler bike she decided she wanted to push it which adds 1/2 to the walk...fine no big deal...beautiful day we can deal......I am throwing the dogs fetch toy so they can get a good run while watching GG who is struggling up the steep asssss hill. I go over to help and she throws a complete hissy fit.

"GG do you want mom to help you out with that?"
"Noooo I got it I got it" with a snotty tone in her voice struggle struggle struggle 

Fine you got it I am walking - as soon as I walk away she begins crying a cry/scream I have never heard before - I called this little event the coming of personality 3.  I am sure that the neighbors thought I was torturing a cat it sounded that painful. Just as soon as she started the scream it was over I say 5 minutes she figures out how to get her bike back on the sidewalk we move on and we are done. We get through the remainder of the walk without problems....Ok except for the part were she decides she is going to take the bike down the steep hill without waiting for me and she tumbles and fall with the bike on top of her....she was good with that one she brushes herself off and continues. Personality 4 hits me as I walk back into the house huge huge amounts of love from every direction.

"Lobe you mommy lobe you". OKayy then I like this part.
Have lunch and personality 5 and 6 combine. She is on super bitchy not listening have to call her name 18 million time before she does what I tell her to do- why is it that all toddlers have selective hearing? It is time for a nap.  Currently I have to physically put her down for a nap because if she does not by the time 5 comes around she is a friggin nightmare. We now call this the you better take a nap or mommy is going to snap time.  I get her all situated get her Mickey Mouse cartoon on her Ipad and she is asleep in 20.5 seconds. Yeah!!!!!!! Mommy gets to breath. She is out for a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes...Score bitches. I pay some bills,  catch up on some blogs, start prepping dinner, fold some laundry menu plan for next week and just chill for a bit.  GG starts to stir on the couch because  I have now learned were a toddler falls to sleep is were she will remain. She is stirring and she is in this half sleep half wake state which means for the next 50 minutes I have to listen to a complete supersonic size temper tantrum. I mean this was the worst it was like she was in a trance. I tried to calm her down but the more I tried the worse it  got. So I just let her be.  At one point I started vacuuming yep I did.  After 50 minutes...snap she was back GG looked at me said color mommy, color and it was done. WTF just happened? I felt I was put through the spin cycle.
By the time 5 hit I was done. My husband took one look at me when he got back from work and without saying a word took GG upstairs with him while I finished getting dinner ready.  On days like yesterday all I want is a big fat glass of wine and a cigarette { I didn't do it though}. I know this sounds bad but their are some days that just kick your ass and yesterday was one of them for me. I will remain cool as a cucumber this weekend though.  Hopefully the full moon will be gone by then and things will go back to "normal" Wish me luck.

*small note I am not making fun of personality disorders/mental illness OK so back off. I am kind of sick of not being able to make a few jokes without people getting their damn panties in a bunch. Loosen up!


Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Girl, it sounds like you got put through the ringer! I hope GG is back to normal now and you have regained your sanity.

joeh said...

WTF Friday wHere are you?


Andrea said...

I Felt a little like that with the girl who will be 12 on Wednesday. Last night went from swell, to so so, to sucky, to her sobbing in bed (and me crying next to her)...hope today was more regulated!

Mommy With Selective Memory said...

Ugggg I HATE. That snotty voice too!! I feel for ya my dear!!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Sounds like a rough day:(( And yes I usually pour a glass of wine on days like that too but good job for staying strong:)) Hope you had a better weekend!!!

Feeling the love......