Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It looks like

Check out the cool ass carrying case? Neat and tidy all the crap goes
when she is done playing
we might have a little break fro the rain...Woot Woot....I may not be a crafty bitch but I know what some girls like. I am the more let's purchase the crafts kind of person...Not a a big shocker to the people that know me. Yes I am creative when it comes to merchandising clothes, home decorating and cooking/baking. Maybe a little sad but you know what oh well  I own it. I took a pic of GG's rainy day rescue kit and so far it has rocked balls. she loves it and spends quite a bit of time with the busy hand projects. I also add small snacks through out the day and she finds this to be so special. Yeah me.....

Non marking geniuses at Crayola
Letter candy beading in fun ass colors
Mardi Gras beads from 1.00 store 

Some toy cars...for some reason GG is obsessed 

Wood blocks with numbers also fun to bead into accessories
or we can always start an illegal dice game...Mmmmm
Happy Humpy Ass Day

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Andrea said...

I think that would keep me entertained as well, in fact...

Feeling the love......