Friday, April 26, 2013

Train Wreck or Teen Mom Yearbook 2013

OK just because I had to and their are so many of them who are just f*cking it up big time in the past few weeks. Some of these girls need help.....and some are just plain ass stupid........

Most likely to end up in porn 

I had this one pegged at the beginning I made a comment about her 2 years ago.  I said watch 
she is going to pull a Kim Kardashskunk and voila she did Ms. Vapid even had it professionally taped and instead of owning it she comes up with a stupid reason that she did this to look back on her bod when she gets old... Take a picture your dumb ass. What drives me insane about her is she thinks the public is stupid...You should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourself what is your daughter going to think in a few years. Does your desire to be famous trump what your daughter is going to have to go through in the future with your "leaked porno".  If you were a smart business woman as you state to be you would have used your brains instead of your tits to get ahead. Desperate for fame... much?

Most likely to {unfortunately} end up in real jail/seriously messed up dead on drugs 

This poor girl has been on a roll and if she does not get some serious help soon I really think she is going to end up a sad statistic of a drug overdose. The many arrests, the dysfunctional relationships, drugs. I mean marijuana is one thing but when your jump your ass to heroin you have pretty much sealed your faith unless by the grace of God you get help.  I dislike her but I do really wish she would get some guidance. I have seen friends of mine spiral out of control like this and I do not wish it on anyone - it is a terrible ride. Get your shit together so you can become a mom to your son. 

Most likely to have 15 kids by the time they are 30 and give Elizabeth Taylor a run for her money on marriages 
Girl slow it the f*ck down. You are not even 21 yet and you have 3 kids...3! What is the rush...Try and enjoy some part of your youth.

Most likely to end up in prison - Oops check 
Nuff" said 

Most likely to have her fall out in freak beauty accident 
Ok this one I believe her name is Chelsea is not the brightest of the bunch any time I see her all I hear is Duhhhhhhh.  Judging by the horrendous hair styles/dye jobs she has done to herself/friends I would wonder if she is actually going to make it in the hair field  


Andrea said...

The only one of those I am familiar with is the first, from The Soup maybe? So glad I don't know where you found them!

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Never really understood this show, like is MTV trying to make it a bad thing to be a "teen mom", or a good thing??? Anyways, they're all effing up their lives, airing on TV and magazines, and the best part is their kids (the ones who got them their 5 minutes of fame will have all these episodes, magazines, and porno's to look back on and be "proud" of their moms. Yeah!

Feeling the love......