Monday, January 7, 2013

Try not to judge the book.....

by it's cover. I do always try and go by this motto but sometimes just like most of the humans out  in the world we have all done this at one time or another in our lifetime.  Yesterday morning I rolled myself out of bed and on the couch as I do most weekend mornings since I am the early bird of the family.  I can try to do an early morning yoga session on the TV but as soon as I start with the exercise the dogs flip out. As I do all mornings because I am totally addicted to celebrity gossip and OWN it I checked my TMZ. The first thing that comes up is an article on Honey Boo Boo....Now I can tell you this gang I have not watched one episode of the show -now I really do not know much about the family except that Ms. Little Bob Boo works the pageant circuit. All I do know of the family is what has been written about them throughout the gossip websites and some of the articles which have not been too pretty.....BTW Kris Jenner you should really STFU because you pimp out your family for money everyday you fame whore. You have not right to place your 2 cents about what Mama Bear Boo Boo does with her daughter...You sold out your daughter via a sex tape for fame. 

 Anywhoo I was reading about how much money they were making per episode(20,000) and I was like OH geeze what will they be doing with the money thinking that they were going to be blowing it on some commemorative Elvis plates and shit....(I know it was bad of me but this is the point of the post) and as I continued reading the article I was pleasantly surprised at what Mama Bear Boo Boo was doing with the money. MBBB is taking the money and dividing it equally among her girls it is going into a savings account and the girls cannot touch any of the dough until they reach 21. The only exception is medical emergencies and using it for school. MBBB said she wanted her children to look back and say that their mother played it smart.  I guess TLC puts the money straight into the accounts for the girls and she gets an email stating the $$$ has been deposited. She said that she will never drive a Mercedes or Range Rover and she will not live beyond her means. They pay all of their household bills with the paycheck with Sugar Bears paycheck as a contractor...The only major purchase they have made since they hit the big time is a purchase of a Ford Expedition for the family and it was a 2005....I got to say I am thoroughly impressed with MBBB and I really feel the need to apologize for judging her and her family and I truly respect her for doing this for her family.......maybe the Jenner Girls and their MOManger should take a little lesson from the Honey Boo Boo's family on how not to be tacky.... HOLLA

Pictures posted by the Jenner Girls - what they received for Christmas. Now I know that everything is relative to what cash you have laying around and good for them that their family can afford such extravagant gifts HOWEVER their is no need to flash this kind of bullshit all over instagram. AND that is MY opinion so if you don't like it kick rocks......

Celine Bags the small one goes for about 2,000 I love my handbags
but I was not 17 when I received my first handbag a 17 year old cannot appreciate
a bag that is this expensive 
1,200 Louboutin - really? 




Had the same thought as you. I tried to watch last night, and this article actually made it harder to watch the train wreck as Momma and family are obviously not the complete bumpkins they portray themselves to be. She is way smarter than most of this country. The show is still unwatchable for me, but I can see how it is a hit.

Katie F

I also read that mamma boo boo and her family donated some money to a charity and helped out at a soup kitchen. And I love that she teaches her daughter that they are beautiful no matter what. Granted healthy would be nice but in a society who bases everything on looks its refreshing to hear that. I find the show entertaining lol


I just wish mamma june would healthy it up a bit. My kids are addicted to the show (clearly their mother is terrible), and what is actually on tv, regardless of the back story, does nothing for that family!

Babes Mami

You know how I feel about those Kardashians!!! I have never watched Honey Boo Boo because we were choosing to go without cable up until a month ago and I didn't know anything about them and only knew what she looked like because of online/tabloid magazines! However, I am very impressed to hear that MBBB refuses to live beyond their means and is saving the money, one day cameras won't be following them around and that is really smart. It's probably awful of me but I would like to see Kris Jenner go bankrupt.

Im A Silly Mami

I've never watched HBB circus act but it's nice what she's doing with the money. It's funny how the poor and less educated seem to give more than the damn rich and supposedly educated.

Kris should absolutely keep her trap shut. She's a total fame whore!

Caffeinated OC Mommy

Egads! I watched my very first episode of Honey Boo Boo and you know what? Mama Boo Boo is very kind and loving to her baby boo boos! There is no hate, no screaming at top lungs and it made me smile! Okay Darling, enough TV for now as I must reorganize my lipstick collection... xoxo


It is definitely weird to see "tv stars" be smart with their money. I still can't get behind the HBB train but good on Mamma for saving and giving like she is and for the lessons she is teaching her kids!

Feeling the love......

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