Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Being a single......

parent is tough man.....My husband was away last week for 7 days at a trade show and I got to play single parent and let me tell you it is not fun at all. I give props to the women and men who do this everyday.  15 hours straight a day of toddler fun and I am super done. I have extreme attitude {yep worse than usual}, I broke down becasue I had the lack of the sleep and just no help and yes I might be whining about this but hubby and I are a great team and one of the players is down it is hard for the other one that is just the way it works ....You know what my problem is I need to learn how to relax and tell myself that I do not need to be super mom. I try to do too much and set such high expectations for myself that sometimes I just stress myself out.  Overall my daughter would rather me play with her than worry about something completely trivial but I am just hard wired that way and I am really trying to chill a little.

So ya all know I am paranoid so when my hubby is out of town dial the paranoia up to 300. Every little sound woke me and every car door slamming jolted me from bed.  I had weapons set throughout the whole house, booby traps and just being my usually overly cautious self. I also have a super duper alarm system and special sturdy New York style locks for my door and 2 dogs that might look nice but one if them will tear your head off if you even get near me and GG. This is from years of living in the city and watching way to much damn news.  You become super paranoid and you just watch your back at all times. Since having my little GG it has become even worse. Yes I know this is no way to live but you know what with the many freaks and assholes wandering our streets even in the safest neighborhoods the days of not locking your door are long gone especially to this little lady...I see it everyday people walking the street completely clueless to what is going on around them. Put your damn cell phones down people and be aware of your surroundings.

OK so let me get back on track......It has been uber busy between doing my thing as a mommy.  We are in the beginning beginning stages of looking for a new home which to tell you the truth is really not making me happy. Low inventory, overly inflated home prices and just shit on the market makes the process no fun. That is why I watch Home Hunters and sometimes wish I did not live in this expensive ass state of California.  So my little GG is turning 3 tomorrow and I am wondering where the time has gone.   It was just yesterday that she was in my belly and now she is throwing her covers over her head and telling me that she does not want to wake up and to please get out of her room...WHAT!?! the F8ck....She wanted to get her ears pierced for her birthday so we went and did that on Sunday and not one damn tear shed she did her thing and she was good to go. We are not having anything humongo this year. We are having some close friends over and just doing our relax thing for her bday... She is still continuing with her ballet even though the last 2 weeks she has made it impossible to go because she just does not want to go. I have enrolled her in karate and she is liking it allot.  I think she likes the part were she can kick and punch. And I am happy because she is learning the way to properly drop a dude if she needs to. We are looking into going on vacation here soon and we have surprise for Ms. GG on where we might be headed but we are still on the works for this one. Let's just say this mommy here will have to be highly medicated in order to go to this place they call the f*ckin happiest place on earth. Don't think that my sippy cup will not be filled with wine...yo


ana said...

Oh man... I am the same way.. crank pot city when I'm acting like a single parent with the Chitlin. Ugh...
Turning 3 tomorrow?! Happy Birthday Lil Ms. GG!!
I was telling my hubby how I want to enroll our little in some karate... a girl has got to know how to drop a dude. Basics.

cyn knight said...

when you are used to working as a team it is a TOTAL shock to be slung into single parenthood -- trust me i know.
as much of a jackwagon as my ex is -- we had a good routine down where sky is concerned and no one was too overload with stress.
now it's a whole new story and the whole adjustment of having her father just leave has added to it.
so yeah... single parenthood is NOT for the weak!

we're heading to disney in november -- actually getting married there. taking ALL four kids -- but i think i will like it better than they do. i am such a disney nerd!


Im A Silly Mami said...

hell yes it's hard being a single parent. I am one Mon-Thurs. hubs travels every week so it's just me. Buggy loves her daddy but doesn't want to do any daddy stuff with just him so I always have to tag along as well. She's been sick since last friday and today she was finally feeling better. I dragged her ass to school because Mami needed a break!

I like my house neat and clean but I don't freak out about it anymore. If she wants to play then we play and the rest of the shit can totally wait. She just turned 3 the week of Christmas and I'm totally with you-where the hell did the time go. I cherish every single moment so if laundry needs to be done then it can wait- i'm playing with my baby, and the dogs-LOL!

Happy Birthday GG! Hope it's a great birthday sweetie!


Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

trying to catch up here....happy birthday to your little GG!!!!!

and yes sometimes i wish we didnt live in this expensive ass state either. the hubs would move tomorrow if i say lets go. no way i would ever leave my family;) but why oh is freaking everything so damn expensive here?!?! drives me crazy!!!!!!

Susan said...

Single parenthood is all I've ever known. Her dad is around but he doesn't parent. I think he's incapable of it. I make all the decisions and do all the work. On the bonus, I know that the amazing woman that my daughter is turning into has a lot to do with me raising her.

Happy VERY belated birthday to GG. I hope she had a great day!

Feeling the love......