Friday, October 19, 2012

What the F*ck.....

Friday people. Yeah  I know I have been one big fat slacker with this weekly post but ya know what sometimes shit happens and you gotta do what you gotta do know what I mean......I have had very little sleep in the last two days because of some major road construction going on near the highway we are not close to the highway but because we live up in the hill it echos like a mother and the bitches have been doing construction from midnight to five in the am. I would probably hear it less if I closed our windows but because we have had some bitch hot weather this week if we do not open the windows my dogs would shank me with their paws. I will try to do this weekly but with the friggin holidays I might not be very good at keeping the pace or it could be a great time because their is nothing like turkey day and Xmas to bring out the bitch in me. So here it goes short and sweet.....

  • One finger salute to the workers that are taking theirs sweet time with the construction of the highway. Now I know I should not be mean to them their only doing their job but you know what the semi back up  beeep...beeeppp.beeepppp through the night can really grate your nerves. WTF it 3 o'clock in the morning what cars are around that you need to use that annoying back up beep. 

  • WTF do people who send scam emails stating that they got their asses robbed in some country and to send them 1,500 in order to get home actually work? Because I don't f*cking believe people fall for that shit!
  • Capitalism at it's best you go to a pumpkin farm - my second one this week*so over pumpkins* - and your there to buy overpriced pumpkins you think the bitches running the place would give the kiddos a free ride on the damn bouncy slide/house...but NOOOOOOO 6.00 for a slide and 5.00 for jumpy castle and then they had the guts to put a 15 minute time limit for those prices my kid is going to bounce until she throws up her lunch!
  • Strange but true......Dildo removed from man's intestine and shit like this always seems to happen in Japan and or China. I am just reporting the facts here people. Man said to have done this for more sexual pleasure with his wife....the subject matter was 9 inches long and 3 inches wide and all I can say is WTF and ouch. Enough said on this lovely piece of news. 
  • WTF is this continues I am going to start stock piling food for the zombie attack. Hackers in Utah did this to road signs. Hey we had a huge ass meteorite hit California last night who knows wtf came down with it.  Maybe this whole world ending in December maybe I should go on a little shopping spree...Thank God I watched Zombieland so I know exactly what to do during the "invasion".  
  • Once again WTF was Theresa wearing during the RHONJ reunion and once again WTF has happened to her...
OH and her husband Juicy Hoe Joe is the biggest douche EVER
Uhhhmmm yeah get a new suit Juicy no one has worn their shirt collars
like that since John Travolta and he did it wayyyyyy better than your ass

  • My toddler has been taken over by a 12 year old tween. She went from sweet as pie to a smart ass diva and I am about to shut it down...snap...Maybe it just been a bad week....No?
  • I am not one to hang out with kids who have stinky diapers however the woman who was asked to step off the bus with her child because he had a stinky diaper I kind of felt was wrong...Dude we have no control when these kids are going to shit in their diapers. This poor woman rides the bus everyday with her child and I think that was just not cool....I have noticed that in the last few years children are not something people have patience for anymore. 
  • Sienna Miller I sod on't get it...This woman has been in one friggin movie in the states and she sucks as an actress why do I have to see her damn face everywhere?  I am so sick of her...go away!
  • Some of my friends are like how could you decorate the front of the house all scary for Halloween  WTF am I supposed to do decorate it with happy shit? Halloween! I am showing my daughter that the cocoon skeletons in front of the house are fake and NOT REAL and for right now she gets it. I feel that by sheltering  kids from stuff like this is making SOME f them into big ass pansy kids which in turn will become PITA adults. I don't want a kid who is scared all the time. Talk to them like little adults they are not morons they are allot smarter than what we give them credit for. Does this look like a kid who is scared????
Dr. GG checking on one of the cocoon men heart sounds good!
Happy Friday!


joeh said...

Yes to all!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

WTF is with all the damn road work?! We don't have right by our house {thank goodness cause that would annoying as hell} but I can't drive anywhere around town without running into orange cones and signs with lanes closed. And yes I am so over this HOT weather too. We had to run our air like all week long late in the day and evening. Our SMUD bill is out of control!!!
I haven't watched the NJ housewives in forever. I think the last one I saw was when they went to Napa. I need to catch up.
And yes WTF to the lady who got kicked off the bus. She was taking her kids to the doctor who had diarrhea and ended up having the flu or something.

Kerry said...

Hahaha yes take down those scary decorations and replace them with happy smiling witches lol
Eeeew to the man on the news, god I bet he loved that the report was sent across the globe hahahaha
I have had a beeping truck in my ear for over a week now and no-one else seems bothered by it lol except moi
And I totally agree, Sienna who? lol
And yes, disgraceful that that poor woman with the smelly diaper on her child was kicked off the bus...mmmm more patience and tolerance wouldn't go astray people!!!!

Feeling the love......