Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tune in the Stepford

Wife music...What the f*ck has happened to her face. She looks like a cheap hoe Barbie....Why did she ruin her looks the one thing this girl had going for her - because you know they aren't morals......She looks horrible and very very frightening. I feel for little North - God can you imagine what she will have to look up to - mommy was a sex tape hooker that sold her soul to the devil for fame and daddy an egomaniac with a Napoleon complex. STOP with the fillers and botox dear KIm you are beginning to look like real crap. Natural beauty my ass!

Sorry Creepy looking to the right WOW she looks plastic 

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Andrea said...

OK, I am going to step right up and admit that I do not know which of these is the before.

Feeling the love......