Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stuff I can no longer.....

do or say now that I have a daughter.....

  • I can no longer watch Steel Magnolias - that movie made me cry like a little bitch w/o a child with a daughter it hits a whole new level of snot kingdom and crying drama 

  • I can no longer watch any Real Housewife garbage while she is around  - my daughter now can fully say the word/recognize  - Bitch and will tell the ladies on TV not to say that word because it is a bad one...Also the many beeps,,,beeps.....beeps....on Mob Wives might be causing my child to develop slight twitch 
  • I can no longer cuss like a sailor in heat and no longer comment about anyone in front of my husband. The little ones now hears and repeats everything....Nothing like the F bomb being dropped in a quite doctors office or little GG going up to someone saying mommy thinks yo a bitch
  • I can no longer suffer in PMS hell in front of her...I believe me cussing out the world and looking/acting like Blair from the Exorcist has freaked out my kid a bit - me explaining that this will ALL make sense in a few years has scared the shit out of her 
This is what mommy looks like every month scary 
  • I can no longer drool over these two beautiful human beings every week{during the True Blood Season} in front of my daughter - because MOOOOMMMMMY that is not daddy......

  • Vulgar hand gestures in the car, yelling at people in cars telling them I will knock the shit out of them - with an added couple of douches tossed into the mix  
  • Shouting out loud and mumbling at random companies ie Cable- PG&E Garbage that I will cut them if they do not get their shit together. 
  • Leaving my true drama/serial books throughout the house - toss in the random US weekly ans Star and we are good to go for some future WTF conversations

  • This is a big one - I need to stop criticizing my self and my body around my daughter..I do not want her to grow up with the insecurities I had and to this day still have with myself. I need to stop body shamming myself around my beautiful child. It is something that I do not even realize I am doing anymore it has become so second nature to me. I am almost there but not quite loving myself completely yet. 

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