Friday, September 13, 2013

Can someone please.....

Yep that is right this is my house bitches 
help and send over a de stresser? ....I know this is not a word but it is in my lovely messed up head as of late.  I love blogging because it gives me the opportunity to get stuff off my chest/brain and it does make me feel better - I use this blog to bitch about whatever might be bothering me that day for this helps me with my anxiety. I have had anxiety for the last few years it got especially bad after my mom passed as you all know. I have always been an up charged person so when I have allot of stuff going on the anxiety seems to pop up more often. In the last two years with the help of working out, acupuncture, vitamins, cut  in alcohol, eating right and no more smoking I have pretty much taken care of the A monster. I refuse to take half a Xanax unless it is truly know shaking in the corner as I suck my thumb necessary  - j/ that being said the last month has been insane and with the buying of a new home as a game of Gladiator bitch slap, I am now it the full thrust of packing a house. Now GG goes to preschool part time however the other part she is taking the shit out of the box as I am trying to place shit in the box. Oh boy oh boy she thinks this is a fun game and mommy is ready to pull her remaining hair out of her skull.  Oh did I fail to mention that we added to the mix some re modeling on the new house which is 45 minutes away and having to do this via camera phone has been extra special????? Thank God that my dad is near by and he also has the best contractor on the world on his books so we know shit is getting done. Tomorrow I will be at the new house and getting a bunch of high tech stuff installed as well as watching some dudes strip and repaint our hardwood floors. Landscaper will be there as well as the painters to get some more fashion forward colors on the walls....So I will be one busy lady.....In the mean time I am expected to keep my current home in tip top shape for viewings for people that have no clue what the f*ck they are looking for...well let's just say this little philly snapped yesterday because I have had enough. I called my realtor and told him to pull the house from viewings until we move next week. I have one more viewing today and then I will be done having people going through my home while I try and tame and get  2 large dogs and a toddler out the door.  To anyone out there if you are considering selling your home WAIT until your ass is out of there and not living in it....It is hell when you have people in your house while you are trying to live yours. Do not put yourself through the stress. NOT WORTH IT. The good part is that we had two offers one was even before the house hit the open market which we refused becasue we had not had an open house yet and another one the other day that was a little below asking however we will not accept that...I believe the gentlemen was at his cap so unfortunately we had to say no...If this place does not turn over in the next 30 days I will be renting it out...I already have two prospects who will give me full asking rent so we are good.

I am also a little sad because I am finalizing a bunch of contacts here in the Marin County. I saw our dog groomers yesterday and they cried when I told them that this was their final grooming here. They got some super extra attention and were given many treats and kisses. Had to say our good bye to our awesome pediatrician and my dentist. We also have to make our rounds at our favorite restaurants/grocery/clothing establishments.   GG's final day of her current preschool will be Friday we will be having a little cup cake party for her there as well as a super extra play date with her BFF.

I am ready for this move because change is always good but I am sure going to miss the views and being so close to the ocean. I will miss this awesome group of people that I have met and will remain friends with but it is also great to get away from some of the not so genuine people that I have met along the way......oh well

c'est la vie

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