Wednesday, September 4, 2013

15 things you just don't really need to know but I am....

going to tell you anyways.....So as you can see I have been a  really shitty blogger for the last few weeks OK months. I have been shopping for a new home which we have finally found and closed on...Motherf*ckin YAH as well as putting ours on the market which means everything has got to look spic and span at all times and with a toddler and two dogs it is like pulling wisdom teeth.....It was like some kind of NASCAR torture to go through this buying know I keep hearing recession here and recession there and I really do not know what the the f*ck happened in the last few months but we could not find a house to save our lives...With my keen investigative resources and talent I was able to locate a property and with the proper amount of stalking was able to wiggle myself in before the home hit the open house market again. Made an offer they could not resist and the rest is house hunter history. I am telling you I missed my calling - private investigating is the the route. So i WAS crushing around reading some of my fav bloggers and came upon this post from Ronni at Anywhere is - check her out here and decided to try this little fifteen facts about me since I have been so behind in the times. So here goes nothing

  • No picture will ever be posted of me on this sight - just not going to happen so I have replaced my pic with this - Yah one can dream right?

  • I love all late early 80's late 90's super models - I think the models today look like little boys with long hair...If I was a man I would want a woman to look like a woman - most men tend to agree with me. 
  • Could move to Napa Valley tomorrow and open a vineyard - I love it in wine country this is the only place on earth were I automatically relax as soon as I cross the area line 
  • OBSEssed with hand bags - especially Chanel, Gucci and Celine......I think I might have a slight problem...maybe just a little 
  • I despise liars and people who make people believe they are something they are not....Be real.....
  • I love to travel {if done right} and have seen quite a bit of the world 
  • Used to have a huge chip and diet snapple problem and kicked both of them in the last year 
  • I used to worry about what people thought of me - allot - I now do not GIVE a shit ......
  • LOVE fall - however it is Cali. fall so it is bearable - cannot stand the too hot heat anything over 75 degrees is too much 
  • I love black and leather - I wear very little color and like to look mono chic - too many accessories clutter and outfit
  • I do volunteer work for the soldiers and will be doing more this year for them as well as hospice - it took me while to make a decision to help out in this area since I lost my mother to the awful disease
  • I hate the color pink 
  • I don't craft and will never craft
  • I love love love to cook, bake and entertain I am damn good at it 
  • Addicted to gossip magazines yes yes I am 
  • I am a nice person until you F8CK with me then your are done......


Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

I feel you on the housing market. Our little suburb has a crazy tight housing market which means we will most likely be selling our house and then moving in with one of our parents until we can find the house we want. Oh joy. glad you are getting settled!

joeh said...

That pic is how I always imagine you to look.

Today's models look like little boys with long hair because they are chosen by men who prefer little boys with long hair to women.

Susan Fine said...

Glad you closed on it! MB: PI! lol Women should look like women. We have to stop giving our kids these models of unhealthiness to stare at.

cyn knight said...

i always pictured you as cindy crawford in my head anyhow -- all in black, perfectly accessorized and rockin' a vintage chanel bag! not surprised by this post at all! ;)

i need some of your house hunting skills btw -- this business of looking for the proper abode is some shit i tell ya!

(missed your blog!)


Kerry said...

That is so great that you found a house!! I hope you move in and settle in no time at all so life can go back to normal for you all :)
I would love to see a picture of you just so I could put a face to the name but I understand your feelings on the matter.
Have you ever been to Australia?
Oh and I admire your honesty, great facts, always fun to learn about you :)

Ronni Selzer said...

Hey love! So glad you did this! Love reading random things about people! :D I can't believe I've known you for like two years!

Feeling the love......